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Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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During the Easter season, our Gospels have almost all been taken from the Gospel of John. One of John’s most powerful metaphors conveys the notion that we are children of Light not Darkness. So, be honest, as you see the news every day, no matter what time, no matter on what media, does it seem to be getting way too dark?

OK, so consider these items that hardly ever make the news: A parish in New Orleans that provides 600 Blessings Bags every month to be given out to the “panhandlers” and homeless men and women who stand on our street corners; and this parish takes about 500 more to share with the Muslim congregation down the street for them to pass out also. A group of “Grannies” who stand and wait at the New Orleans train and bus station and distribute toiletries, water, snacks, towels, etc. to refugees traveling to their next place whether they can call it home or not. The groups of men and women who give their weekends to work in community gardens and to teach children how important the gardens are or who go down into the marsh lands and pick up all the trash so many of us just drop on the ground without a care about where it will end up—like maybe into a drainage canal or tiny rill on our property that drains into a stream into a river into, maybe the Gulf or the Atlantic or Pacific, but that might be far away so we won’t see the damage it causes. Or how about the folks who have been telling us over so many years that our environment is dying; the last news was that extinction threatens about one million species of animals and plants, but as we read the articles we see that it won’t be happening real soon, maybe 100 years from now. Why should we care?

We are children of light and caring is in our blood. Sometimes it gets sluggish and maybe clots form because we find the darkness easier and maybe to difficult to dispel, but eventually, we get a wake up call we just can’t ignore. Have you had yours yet? Be careful! It is just waiting for you.

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9 responses to “Go for the Light

  1. Pat, Such thoughts as yours help us to have HOPE! I read a great newspaper here in the Detroit area, the Free Press, and bless it they often include items that highlight those who provide hope in a variety of ways. Writing my thanks follows this thanks to you for encouraging my HOPE.

  2. Thank you, Pat, as it fits so well into today’s Word for
    Friday in Acts. Let us give words of encouragement to
    others and let our newspapers know this is what we want
    more to read and less of the cynical, back biting, etc.


  3. Sr. Pat, we need to see how many people help. My husband at 91 had an operation and so many people have prayed and helped. I see so much kindness quietly shown to others.
    So much done for others in this world. This is what we should remember. Bunny O’Brien,OPA,ct.

  4. Thank you for the inspiring news! We need to broadcast good deeds such as you have done. This kind of news might inspire others.

  5. Powerful message, Pat… and powerfully rendered!

    Thanks for the reminder!

    Pat Mood, OP

  6. Thank you. It is good to hear some positive things happening in our world Sister Corina

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