Let’s Be the Community People Strive to Find

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If you are like me, you’ve been to more than a few graduation and baccalaureate Masses this month. I have a confession to make:  I like commencement speeches and baccalaureate homilies. I could write a book entitled, “Everything I Need to Know I Learned at Commencements and Baccalaureates.”

This year’s baccalaureate homily at Albertus Magnus College, a liberal arts college founded by our sisters in 1925, provided more than a few points to include in such a book. Father Jordan Lenaghan, OP in his homily, focused on three points that I believe speak directly to those graduating and those discerning their life’s call.

The first was to seek and speak the truth—Veritas—one of our Dominican mottoes, even when it leads you to bold action (that makes you shake a little) or to speaking that which is not popular. Secondly, to seek and pursue a deeper meaning in your life. Then, to become the community people strive to find.

I’ve been pondering these words for the last few weeks and I am more convinced than ever that this is our quest. To become, more and more each day, that community of believers others strive to find. A community, yes, a family of faith, truth, and deep meaning.

St Dominic embarked on this quest over 800 years ago, as did the women who founded our congregations. Today, we stand on their shoulders with our eyes fixed on the future.

What is your truth? Your meaning? Where are you being called?

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2 responses to “Let’s Be the Community People Strive to Find

  1. Dear June
    Thank you so much June for sharing your reflections and
    maybe someday You Will write that book!

    PS continuing to pray for you and the vocational team

  2. Sister June,
    Fr. Lenaghan made some very good points. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Patti Herrick

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