Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

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Treasure buried and dug up; pearl of great price found and bought. In both cases, there is something of great value that is hidden. It is up to the astute searcher to find this thing of value. Isn’t that what our lives are all about. We have found our treasure in our commitment to the gospel.  We have uncovered the pearl and have sold all we have to buy it. That’s why we live a Dominican life.

But then stuff gets in the way. We get busy with the daily-ness of life. Life becomes hum-drum. Then something catches our attention. We search again for that buried treasure, trying to remember where we buried it for safekeeping. Then we see that that pearl is right in front of us. We cherish it. We let go of some more of the stuff of daily life in order to possess that pearl. We again commit ourselves to deepening our relationship with the God we love – the God who loves us. Over and over throughout our lives we find our treasure, we bury it so we will always have it, then we forget, we search again and find it. The life journey of spiritual consciousness becomes our journey.

If we completely embraced the treasure of the Gospel, we would be like Moses. The skin of our faces would become radiant. It would be so radiant that like Moses we would need to veil our faces. But we are still on the journey. We still lose that pearl and then find it again. In another way,

Just a word about Ignatius of Loyola who we honor today. The motto of the Jesuits is “Contemplation in action.” I am struck by its similarity to the Dominican focus: “contemplare et contemplata aliis tradere (to contemplate and hand on to others the fruits of our contemplation) So similar. We are all about the same thing – only in slightly different ways. We all are on the journey of finding the pearl, letting our lives show the wonder of the treasure and sharing it with others.

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4 responses to “Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola

  1. Thanks Teresa — since I attended Loyola in New Orleans for about a total of 8 years I consider myself part Jesuit! So many S.J’s were very special to me –especially in introducing me to the social encyclicals since Pope Leo XIII.

  2. Dear Theresa,

    I love your reflection on the Treasure and the Pearl [a favorite Scripture for me]! Thanks so much for sharing it. Also, thanks for pointing out the similarity between the Jesuit motto and our Dominican focus! Let us continue “To Praise, To Bless, To Preach and to “Find God in All Things”!

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