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Two mass shootings in less than 24 hours.

At least 29 people dead.

At least 50 people injured.

Is this Domestic Terrorism?

Do we have a white nationalist terrorism problem?

Do we need to transform the mental health system?

Do we need more sensible gun laws? (i.e. Should we ban access to military-style weapons and high-capacity cartridges?).

I say: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! (and Yes!)

I am sick and tired of innocent people being gunned down as they go about their daily lives – visiting a park, sitting in a movie theater, shopping for school supplies, attending a religious service, enjoying a concert or festival, performing a task at work, sitting in a classroom, etc.

It has been reported that in 216 days of this year, there have been 251 mass shootings that left 520 dead and 2,000 wounded. (Go back and read that again: THERE HAVE BEEN MORE MASS SHOOTINGS THAN DAYS!)

What are we doing to stop the massacres?

We are beyond the point of soul- searching and debate.

Don’t you think it’s time to take action?

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9 responses to “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

  1. Thank you, Colette, for sharing. I heard a priest say at the end of a recent Sunday service this quote:

    “The world is too dangerous for anything but the truth, snd too small for anything but love. “

    Thank you for speaking the truth without an undercurrent of hate. Love and truth are needed now to save our country and democracy, not fear and hate.

  2. I certainly do think it’s time to take action, Colette, just as you said. The facts are too staggering to just sit by and do nothing. I’m with you all the way.

  3. Absolutely! As Dominicans, our first action needs to be fervent, constant prayer; our second action is to VOTE
    out leaders who do nothing.

  4. Thanks, Colette for making the reality of the shootings so stark….the numbers are nauseating.
    I agree 100% we need reform in how, to whom and what kind of guns are made available. And I agree 100% that high quality mental health services need to be more widely available. But discomfort comes with linking these two conversations. Not all violent shooters are mentally ill, they just lack good decision making skills or lack sound respect for human life.
    Similarly, only a minute number of those with mental illness will ever commit a violent crime. As a mental health professional, I fear linking these two human needs will only be a step back for those experiencing mental illness who are finally able to move out of its shadow and find acceptance.

    1. Marybeth,
      I did not mean to imply that these mass shooters are all mentally ill. I do know that the mental health system has been broken for a long time and that brokeness is a factor, whether big or small. It seems to me that there is so much connectedness when it comes to our social ills that we need to engage in “wholistic” approaches to problem-solving.

    1. If most guns were not available to God-fearing patriots, would the sick or just plain evil killers still find a way to get guns?
      I don’t know what the solution is, but think it is more complex than I comprehend.
      Constant prayer for peace, love for one another, openness to hear what is revealed, and speak the truth even with it is difficult is part of our call as Christians, so I keep trying to be faithful to that.

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