Justice Updates 8-13-19

Why aren’t more Catholics demanding gun safety legislation? Michael J. O’Laughlin of American Magazine thinks they can make a difference. He describes it in this article “How the Catholic Church could help lead a gun control movement.  

Mass shootings are becoming more and more numerous. Our prayers are important but they are not enough. Several bills, the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R.8) which prohibits most person to person and gun show firearms transfers without a background check and the Enhanced Background Checks Act of 2019 (H.R. 1112) that would require a waiting period of at least 10 days for a completed background check before firearms dealers could proceed with a sale (up from the current 3 days) have been passed in the House of Representatives but are held up in the Senate. Sign this petition from Faithful America to tell Mitch McConnell to stop abusing his power and that “We’ll take care of the prayers. You take care of the laws.”

Many of us are feeling overwhelmed by all the mass shootings. Fr. Tom Reese writes that we can’t let it stop us from acting. “Enough is enough. We must demand that our government do something about mass shootings and other forms of gun violence.”

Did you know that this administration has quietly used regulation to expand gun access? I didn’t. Here’s what they have been doing. Politico fills us in.

One quarter of the world faces a water crisis. Is there a solution? Somini Sengupta and Weiyi CaiAug of the NY Times tell us that city officials can plug leaks in the water distribution systems and recycle wastewater. Rain can be harvested and saved for lean times. Lakes and wetlands can be cleaned up and old wells restored. Farmers can switch from water-intensive crops to less thirsty crops. Here’s what’s happening.

This article in Global Sisters Report describes the work of the Guardian Angel Sisters who are caring for migrants coming through Mexico. Please keep them and all who are helping those seeking asylum in your prayers.

We must pass H.R. 1945 Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act. Call your representatives today. Please see this letter from Sr. Anne who is the justice coordinator for the LCWR and was part of the Interfaith Mission to Honduras last spring. Sr. Doris Regan also attended and can fill you in on what they discovered.

On the evening of August 6, police in Honduras attacked public bus for no apparent reason. The bus was filled with students from the University in San Pedro Sula leaving their night classes and heading home to El Progreso. The police threw tear gas into the bus and there was no way to get out except climb out the windows. One of the students on that bus was the sister of teacher we met while we were in Progreso this spring.

The repression of the corrupt and unconstitutional government of Juan Orlando Hernández continues. It is well past time for our government to withdraw its support and stop arming the military and security forces. Ask your members of Congress to support H.R. 1945 Berta Caceres Human Rights in Honduras Act. The act would suspend United States security assistance to Honduras until such time as human rights violations by Honduran security forces cease and their perpetrators are brought to justice.

Our friends in Honduras have asked us to shine a light on the horrors being perpetrated by the Honduran government on its people. Please share this information widely and make sure your members of Congress know that you care about the people of Honduras. I’ve posted this info on my personal Facebook page as well as on the JCWR page and have tweeted it from @lcwrjpic. Feel free to chare and retweet.

In spite of the increased knowledge of human trafficking, children’s trafficking and exploitation continues. This is a widespread phenomenon that causes enormous suffering throughout the world. It can be forced labor, sexual exploitation and child begging. Read more from CommonDreams.org.

Please take a moment and pray this litany for our ability to end gun violence by Sr. Julia Walsh. Maybe it will give you some energy to act.

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