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The first time that I saw Cameron Boyce, he was about 12 years old.

Little did I know that he – the little freckle-faced youngster portraying Luke Ross in the Disney Channel comedy series Jessie — would grow up to be one of my heroes.

Cameron – who died unexpectedly in his home at age 20 on July 6, after having an epileptic seizure – left behind a legacy of caring for others and of making a positive change in the world. His humanitarian and philanthropic efforts included helping bring clean water to underdeveloped countries; working to end homelessness in the United States; raising awareness and fighting against sexual assault on college campuses; spreading kindness, and fighting to end gun violence.

(Sidebar:  For those “adults” who still believe that young people are not committed to social justice or that young people need “adults” to lead the way, I offer Cameron as an example of the many young people who are leading the way and making a difference in the world. Therefore, I reiterate one of my favorite sayings: DON’T WRITE OFF YOUNG PEOPLE. THEY CARE DEEPLY ABOUT A BETTER WORLD.)

In the wake of Cameron’s death, the Cameron Boyce Foundation (a nonprofit organization founded in Los Angeles to provide young people with artistic and creative outlets as alternatives to violence and negativity) teamed up with Refinery29 to continue Cameron’s final project, Wielding Peace, by launching a social media campaign.

The project includes a collection of images of people from all walks of life (in Cameron’s own words) “wielding anything that might inspire someone creatively as well as make a strong statement with the sentiment that we need to choose a different weapon” (other than a gun).

What do you think would happen, if we could get everyone to yield peace and not guns?

Last year on social media, Cameron wrote: “It’s so important to think selflessly. To acknowledge that problems exist even if they don’t apply to you. To understand how lucky we are to even be here and how nothing in your life will ever be more fulfilling than helping others.”

(You might want to go back, read that quote again and let it penetrate deeply into your heart and mind)

In my opinion, Cameron was wise beyond his years. He will always be one of my heroes because he gave of himself for the greater good of others.

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10 responses to “WIELDING PEACE, NOT GUNS

  1. The talks on gun violence are usually turned the wrong way. We always talk about limiting access to deadly weapons but rarely talk about how a gun doesn’t fire itself. To end gun violence there needs to be a change like Cameron was promoting and his organization continues to do. It’s time to teach people to respect and honor life so that they don’t pull the trigger in the first place.

  2. Hi Colette, my daughter and Cameron’s mom, both social workers were good friends and lived in ct. They always stayed in touch.
    I met Cameron when he was a baby. He was an old soul and such a kind person. Bunny O’Brien, OPA, ct.

  3. Colette, you have indeed found a hero. Having taught youths for more than thirty years, I too have seen their care for a better world in many of them. We can help them by our example of caring for each other. Thank you for introducing us to Cameron.

  4. Colette, what an edifying tribute to Cameron Boyce. Though I don’t recall him or even his name, what you shared about him including the quote that you encouraged us to re-read are all truly amazing. I’m sure he will be greatly missed by many people.
    Thank you for telling us about this young man!

  5. Thanks much for this story of someone I didn’t know at all. Wish I’d’ve been that aware at his age.

  6. Wow, Colette, this is a great blog. We need to hear more about those young people out there that are doing great things and we do not know about it. Thanks.

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