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The photo accompanying this blog shows our mascot at the Peace Center. She looks so peaceful right now, sleeping with her head on her paws, lost to the world. But let a noisy car drive by or a car door slam or a small rock skitter across the sidewalk and she will leap into the air, tail fluffed out and body ready to strike.

That is what peace can be like, too. It is elusive. It looks calming, feels good, but too soon it is destroyed in the rambunctious earthly shakeups we call isms: racism, heterosexism, genderism, ageism, et al. We seek the peace that will be forever; we pray for it almost daily, but it is in the day to day that we will find it if we take a breath before we speak, if we see the face of God in someone else before we reject them, if we don’t look down on the ones we deem different but raise them up as we raise our own selves and give praise to God.

“Peace is flowing like a river”, “Make me an instrument of your peace”, “Give peace a chance”—these don’t have to be just words from a song. We can make them words to live by each and every day.

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6 responses to “Elusive?

  1. You are so right, Sr. Pat. praying for peace can just be words. every day I say a prayer to be peace in my thoughts, words and actions and just as soon as your kitty mascot I can react to something and forget all about peacefulness. But that doesn’t mean I stop saying my prayer or stop trying to be peace. It just tells me I must keep on trying each and every day..

  2. How we long for peace. When very difficult events happen in our lives, keeping peace is hard..But with the grace of God, we keep trying. Thank you for your words. Bunny O’Brien, OPA,ct

  3. Sister Pat, I enjoyed your Wednesday’s Word with my cup of coffee this morning. It was a great reminder to find peace and sharing that peace with those we cross paths with throughout the daily activities. Your statement is very important that each of us are given the responsibility to raise others up as we raise our own selves and give praise to God who strengthens us with His armor of love.
    Also enjoyed the peaceful cat picture. Peace and Joy

  4. Thanks Pat for this insight and “twist” on being peace. I especially relate to taking a breath before speaking and/or reacting. In peace, Anne

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