Justice Updates September 10, 2019

The Season of Creation began on September 1st and lasts until the Feast of St. Francis on October 4th.  It is an interfaith effort around the world to help us appreciate the gift of our world.  Here is a prayer that you can say throughout the season. If you would like daily ideas for living out this season of creation, click here.

Creator of Life,

The Earth is full of Your creatures, and by Your wisdom you made them all. At Your word, the Earth brought forth plants yielding seed of every kind and trees of every kind bearing fruit, the waters teemed with swarms of living creatures of every kind, and world was filled with every kind of winged bird, walking animal, and creatures that creep upon the ground.

Mountains, plains, rocks, and rivers shelter diverse communities, and through the changing seasons Your Spirit renews cycles of life.

During this Season of Creation, open our eyes to see the precious diversity that is all around us. Enlighten our minds to appreciate the delicate balance maintained by each creature. Inspire us to conserve the precious habitats that nurture this web of life.

In the name of the One who came to proclaim good news to all creation, Jesus Christ. Amen.

What do you think is the most important life issue today?  Daniel P. Horan of NCR makes the case that it’s Climate Change.  He writes, “Global climate change threatens every life now and poses an existential danger to the very condition of the possibility for future life on this planet. If we are called to be moral agents guided by a seamless garment approach, as I believe we are, then climate change is the body on which such a garment hangs. The preservation of particular human lives is predicated on the future of the planet and delicate ecosystems on it that make life possible at all.”  To read more, click here.

Climate Strike. Students around the world have been leaving school to bring awareness of the climate crisis we are experiencing and which will definitely impact their futures. This movement was started by Greta Thunberg  (see her video here).    Now they want us to join them.  Why should we join them?  Read why in: “If A Kid Says Help, You Help’: Adults Urged to Join Upcoming Global Climate Strike”  Climate strikes will occur all over the country on Friday, September 20th.  You can find a location here.  Several of the Motherhouses will be hosting events at their sites.  More information will be coming soon.

Sr. Janice Thome shares her insights in  “Voices from Southwest Kansas: Immigrant Perspectives.” This 18-minute video, was produced as part of a broader study of Southwest Kansas’ Food and Farm System by the Kansas Rural Center (KRC). Southwest Kansas is a sparsely populated, largely agricultural economy set in a semi- arid climate, fueled by water from the Ogallala Aquifer. It is also home to some of the country’s largest grain farms, livestock feedlots, dairies, swine confinement facilities, and beef processing plants. The region has a long history of immigrants from Mexico and other Central and South American countries, plus a number of other countries around the globe. (The Garden City School District in Finney County has reported up to 29 languages spoken in the school system.)

What a World Without Prisons Could Look Like?  A TED Talk, featuring Deanna Van Buren, who designs restorative justice centers that, instead of taking the punitive approach used by a system focused on mass incarceration, treat crime as a breach of relationships and justice as a process where all stakeholders come together to repair that breach. Van Buren creates dynamic spaces that provide safe venues for dialogue and reconciliation; employment and job training; and social services to help keep people from entering the justice system in the first place. Watch her TED Talk.

Priscilla Alvarez of CNN reports on a report from the Health and Human Services explaining the trauma experienced by separated migrant children.   The report provides another snapshot of how the Trump administration’s policy of separating families at the US-Mexico border affected children — this time, from some of the staff tasked with caring for them. The policy, which ended last June, resulted in the separation of thousands of families.

“According to program directors and mental health clinicians, separated children exhibited more fear, feelings of abandonment, and post-traumatic stress than did children who were not separated,” according to the report, which reviewed the mental health needs of children in HHS custody. You can read more here.

What do the new rules for children of U.S. Military and Employees working abroad mean? Another assault against immigrants.  Read about it here.

How is gun violence impacting our teens? Read their powerful words In the Shadow of Gun Violence


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  1. Thank you for seeking our ideas on the important issues that need to be addressed. I believe every one of these are critically important. However, I think our focus should rest on OUR planet or the other issues will be in vain. I am not as knowledgeable as the others but want to share my opinion. WE are causing Climate Change-the people and institutions of Our world, the greatest Gift we have received from our Lord,

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