Are There Better Ways?

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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A week ago at Mass in the Cathedral, Archbishop Hughes began his homily with “The world is a mess”. As he proceeded, he brought it into the historical context of that day’s Gospel passage, but I had drifted off with this opening statement. Why is the world a mess, I reflected. I know you all just laughed and answered that question a thousand different ways. But, here’s where I went.

There was once a comic strip called POGO, and one of the most well remembered lines from it is “We have met the enemy, and they is us”. And that just may be why the world is a mess. We may scoff and call it our human condition or human nature at its worst, but we just can’t stop getting in our own way. The world is a mess, and so it goes; it is what it is.

An awful lot of us just complain, but to those who act with a peaceful response, in a just manner, in a way that shouts the Gospel, I salute you and ask that we all try harder to learn the better ways to handle our messy world.

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10 responses to “Are There Better Ways?

  1. Thank you ! Yes, Nana always said, it is the little things …. consider those we encounter and decisions we face. We are called to choose the response that allows for an outcome pleasing to God. A person who is depressed and whose appearance is unbecoming may need a smile, a kind word.
    Our physical world too .
    Carelessly discarding our waste from paper towel spools to tin cans …
    our messy works comes in many forms;)

    sounds like a good word .

  2. Thanks, Pat, for cutting to the chase, so to speak with your sharing of this message. May we wake up and pay attention, and do whatever we can!

    Pat, OP

  3. Pat, thanks for this blog…I love it! Life is messy but I trust our Provident God will straighten out the mess so long,as you so well pointed out, we continue to try to live out the Gospel call to justice. Anne

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