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Did you know that today is National Love People Day?
If you didn’t, now you do.
So what, exactly, does it mean?
It means that this is the day that has been set aside to show love to everyone – no exceptions!
This is the day when we are encouraged to share love with everyone we come into contact with by performing random acts of kindness.
This day should help us to see that it is important to truly invest in people, especially in a world where selfishness seems to reign.
It should also help us to remember that love is primarily an action word and that by sharing love (unconditionally) with others, we make the world a better place.
Mother Teresa put it this way: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
What do you think would happen if we showed love to each person we come into contact with every day?

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3 responses to “Do Everything in Love

  1. Well today is October 1st and I’m just now reading your message. Today is the feast of St. Therese and we know as the Little flower. She tried to see Christ in everyone and in that way was able to show love even when it wasn’t shown to her. That’s a good example we all need to follow. Thank you for the reminder Colette.

  2. Thank you Colette for informing us of this special day and of what Mother Teresa had to say about loving our neighbor.
    Thank you also for visiting us here in Memphis yesterday during our Missioning Day. It was a pleasure to meet you!

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