A Gift for Everyone

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

What is one gift everyone can enjoy receiving?

I think the gift of listening is that gift. It’s priceless and something we can all give. We often need to be reminded how treasured such a gift is to us and to others.

How many times have you yearned for someone to just listen, to truly listen with their heart and their eyes to your joys, your sorrows, your concerns?  In the hustle and bustle of Christmas gatherings or any social gathering, we need to stop, look, and listen to each other.

Can we stop long enough to let others know we hear them, acknowledging their existence and that they matter?

Can we look around us and make eye contact with others, seeing into the eyes of the lonely and offer companionship and compassion?

Can we take time to listen by giving others our undivided attention, silencing and not fiddling with our electronic devices, and letting others find and speak their voices without interrupting their thought process?

I know when someone stops, looks, and listens to me, I feel valued and uplifted. I know too that when I don’t listen to others, I’m hurting and discounting the other person, even if this is not my intention.

Imagine what peace would abound all year round if we all listened more to each other.

Are you ready to listen to how God is calling you?  Take courage and take a leap of faith to explore with us whether God is calling you to religious life as a Sister. We welcome journeying with you and invite you to contact us.


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5 responses to “A Gift for Everyone

  1. Ditto, Ellen, as a nurse I know how very important — and appreciated — to listen not only with your ears but your heart.

  2. Ellen, thank you for reminding each of us the gift that is free and one we all hunger to receive including our loving God, Blessed Mother and St. Joseph. Listening…..

    Advent gives us that special time to listen.
    Blessings to you this Advent,

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