Justice Updates – January 21, 2020

Check out this resource from the Eco Justice Committee.  We all need a gentle reminder to GO GREEN this winter!


Do you know what cosmology is?  In this article from Global Sisters Report, Lorraine Villemaire, a Sister of St. Joseph of Springfield,  writes that in spite of the climate damage we see, “there actually is hope. Great efforts are being made today by governments and organizations to engage in system-based actions to save Earth. Technology and science are collaborating to provide facts on problems, to help play a role in transformation. However, individuals created Earth’s problems and individual conversion is needed to correct it.

Need a dose of beauty?  Listen to this 13-minute concert by amazing harpist Bridget Kibbey.

What’s happening to the working poor? Read Who Killed the Knapp Family where many working-class people are dying of despair.

Food waste is a huge problem in the United States. The good news: Each of us can help solve it. Here’s how.

What does Catholic Social Teaching teach about migrants?  Louisville Bishop Joseph Kurtz writes “We know that the Church at her best has always been a church that welcomes and accompanies others… The capacity of rich and powerful nations like the United States to welcome refugees and immigrants also is a serious responsibility. Read more from his teaching essay.

As the only major denomination with almost equal numbers of Republicans and Democrats, the Catholic Church is in a unique position to respond to today’s toxic politics. Thomas Reese explains “Four Catholic Solutions to Toxic Politics.

Just Mercy” is not a film about a man. It is about a movement to heal the wounds of racism and hatred. More than knowing his name, Bryan wants people to know the names of the 4,000 African Americans lynched as victims of racial terror and too often forgotten — people like Mary Turner, who was eight months pregnant when she was hung upside down by a white mob, set on fire and even cut open so her baby could be stomped to death.

Click here to download a study guide to the movie from Catholics Mobilizing.

DACA Recipients are being deported. What will happen to the rest of them?

Douglas Cremer writes in the Church Needs to Listen to Catholic Feminists, “many think we in the church should not bother ourselves with issues of gender, race, and power, that these questions are a modern preoccupation driven by secularism, the sexual revolution and identity politics. Yet the question of who identifies with whom has always been a critical question, as have questions of race/ethnicity, class, and gender, going as far back as Paul’s famous quote in Galatians: “there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free person, there is not male and female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” The claim that these divisions are overcome in Christ Jesus signifies both that they are deeply important distinctions and that as the followers of Jesus Christ we must struggle to make the overcoming of these distinctions real.”


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