Celebrate Catholic Sisters Week

Every Sister should join in this celebration of religious life! Here are some great ways to you can take part:

For Sisters:

Sister Shout-Outs
Invite associates and oblates, donors, benefactors, friends and family, parishioners, students or coworkers, to complete the phrase “Sisters are …”, written boldly on a sheet of paper. Photograph the person holding the paper ( cell phone pictures are fine) and send to srpeace@oppeace.org. The Communications team will use the photos on our social media sites.

Sister Storytelling Panel
Invite sisters to be on a panel and share their faith. Possible topics sisters could address:
• All Christians are called to follow Jesus but as a woman religious, I am called to…
• What I find most rewarding about religious life is…
• What I find most challenging about religious life is…
• Religious life is needed today because…

Photo Displays and Slideshows
Create a photo display in your local parish, school or ministry bulletin board or table highlighting sisters and their ministries. Additionally, create photo slideshows or videos for online sharing and send to srpeace@oppeace.org.

Ministry Recognition
Ask a Sister in a ministry other than your own to share her work at your parish.

Founding Sisters Stories
Interview older Sisters about the early days of their community and send to srpeace@oppeace.org. The Communications team can use these recordings to create podcasts and videos.

For Associates:

Bible Study, Prayer Service or Lunch/Dinner Discussion
Organize a special bible study or prayer service during Catholic Sisters Week or plan a lunch/dinner and discussion on campus, in the parish hall, your home or another gathering space.

Tour the Motherhouse
Ask if your group or class can tour the motherhouse nearest you, and ask a sister to highlight
important aspects of the community’s life, history and work. Be sure to photo-document the tour for
online sharing #catholicsistersweek.

Guest Speakers
Invite a sister who is comfortable with public speaking to address your class, campus or parish group. Be
sure to give her a topic that she is comfortable addressing and that will resonate with the audience.

Podcasts or Web Feature Stories
Interview sisters on topics of interest to your web and social media audience. Post a podcast or story each day during Catholic Sisters Week. For podcasts be sure to ask sisters who are articulate and comfortable with technology. Use #catholicsistersweek when posting.

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