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A few months ago I attended the Midwest Mission Group meeting.  A video was shared of Sr. Pat Murray addressing the LCWR in a speech titled “Imagining Leadership in a Global Community.” One of the themes of the speech resonated deeply with me as the ministry leader of Mohun Health Care Center. The  theme was “to celebrate our luxurious diversity.”

As we took time at our table to ponder our “luxurious diversity” I heard sisters question if they were doing enough to encourage and promote diversity. The conversation went on for a few minutes as sisters asked the tough questions of themselves and the congregation. I was surprised to hear such a contrast of how I, as a woman of color, viewed the inclusion of the congregation versus the members who were wondering if they were doing enough.

I shared with the table how lucky I felt to be working at Mohun and what a rich representation of diversity DSOP created in Mohun Health Care Center. Employees of Mohun hail from Ghana, Barbados, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Haiti, Eritrea, Nigeria, Liberia, China, United Kingdom, the United States and many other countries.

Many of our employees join Mohun as their first job in the United States and we view our responsibility as welcoming them into the US and the ministry of the DSOP. We have an opportunity to learn as our staff openly shares their culture with us and one another. This goes beyond the usual “diversity day” sharing of food and clothing customs.

Our staff graciously shares with us and the residents their backgrounds, cultural norms and history of government from their country of origin. They share celebratory customs and alert us to tragedies that we may not even be aware of in our part of the world. In turn, we share cultural norms and expectations and our gratitude in working with us in this ministry. We appreciate the care they provide so selflessly. The giving and sharing of culture is unlike anything that I have ever experienced. This  environment was created by the DSOP since Mohun’s inception and we are the beneficiaries, it is a blessing.

This openness and celebration of our “luxurious diversity” has created a special time and spirit at Mohun. Over the last two years, ten Mohun employees have chosen to become Associates of the Dominican Sisters of Peace. There is truly something unique that happens when people of different backgrounds come together for one common goal in mission.


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  1. As an employee of Mohun and an Associare of the Dominican Sisters of Peace, I can say that the staff of Mohun is a true representation of inclusion and diversity. It is wonderful to learn and share the values of each staff members’ culture and country of origin. It can only help to widen the influences of caring, sharing and showing love to all.

  2. Thank you, April, you and Mohun make us proud. I’m new here, and already enjoying “African Coffee” every a.m., happily provided by an aide. It’s a great place.

  3. You are a gift to Mohun April. Your staff, your Leadership truly make Mohun a wonderful place. I work at the Learning Center every day and so diversity for the last seventeen years has been wonderful and a pleasure to work with. It is always great to visit Mohun and see the wonderful diversity of staff that you have.

  4. TY April for leading Mohun and making it possible for ALL who are there to experience the Love & Peace in their daily lives. This unique family environment grounds our lives so we can be more faithful & bear fruit as we continue to BUILD THE KINGDOM OF GOD .

  5. Thank U, not knowing much about Mohun or its “goings on” (except reports of all the awards/credits, thanks for that also) It’s good to hear how integrated the staff is and spilling over to the associates is wonderful. Maybe one day we’ll get some to join us as vowed religious!

  6. April the blog such as you have written proves once again why you are the “leader” Mohun needs at this time. I am continually amazed at the tone you have set which makes all the rest happen. Diane Traffas

  7. Thank you, April, for sharing your both your reflections and your experiences of the people and spirit of Mohun Health Care Center. We are blessed by your gift of leadership which helps to create and sustain our luxurious diversity.

  8. Thank you, Mrs. Queener, for your beautiful expression of gratitude for the inclusive environment of Mohun and indeed of all the DSOP. You yourself are part of that effort and we too are grateful for you.

  9. Thanks April for sharing your experience and we give thanks for your leadership here in Mohun. You make it possible for us to celebrate our luxurious diversity.

  10. April, thank you for your insights which “we'”OPs sometime aren’t able to see. “Can’t see the forest for the trees.”
    I do know we are blessed by the diversity of so many.

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