Dominican Sisters of Peace Hold Founded Ministries Meeting



Ministry Leaders Share Past Successes, Plans for Future

The Dominican Sisters of Peace welcomed ministry leaders from 13 sponsored ministries in 7 states for their annual Ministry Leader Gathering, held at the Martin de Porres Center in Columbus, OH, on February 19-20.

Ministries represented at this gathering included ecology centers, retreat centers, and learning centers. The theme of the meeting was “Carrying the Charism into Tomorrow” and explored issues such as sustainability/capacity, mission advancement, and resources for sharing the Dominican Charism to advisory council/board members.

“It is amazing to see how our Dominican Charism is celebrated in so many ways,” said Mark Butler, Director of Founded Ministries. “This gathering feels much more like a family reunion than a meeting.”

The Dominican Sisters of Peace have 27 ministries in ecology, retreat ministry, and adult and ESL education, primary and secondary school, colleges, health care and housing.

Row 1, from left: Sr. Pat Twohill, Prioress, Dominican Sisters of Peace; Andrea Pannell, OPA, Martin de Porres Center; Jeanne Mangino, Springs Learning Center; Sr. Jane Belanger, OP, Heartland Farm; Ann Axeman, OPA, Heartland Farm; Carole Hoffman, Dominican Retreat and Conference Center; Nancy Rodriguez, Siena Learning Center; Sr. Virginia Bruen, OP, Siena Learning Center; Sr. Margaret Mary Kennedy, OP, Springs Learning Center; Sr. Rosie Van Buren, OP, Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center; Elizabeth Reno, Rosaryville Spirit Life Center; Sr. Anne Lythgoe, Dominican Sisters of Peace Leadership.

Row 2, from left: Yahaira Rose, OPA, Martin de Porres Center; Carolyn Keene, Crown Point Ecology Center; Therese Leckert, Dominican Sisters of Peace Leadership; Suzette Callais, OPA, Rosaryville Spirit Life Center; Mark Butler, Dominican Sisters of Peace Director of Founded Ministries; Gene Poore, Dominican Sisters of Peace Leadership; Susan Milne, Dominican Sisters of Peace Assistant Director of Founded Ministries; Michael Pennison, OPA, Peace Center.

Row 3, from left: David Simpson, Crown Pointe; Alice Black, Dominican Sisters of Peace Director of Communications/Director of Mission Advancement; Jennifer Dixon, Dominican Sisters of Peace Director of Human Resources; Pattie McGurk, Heartland Center for Spirituality; Kristine Gehring, Dominican Learning Center; Sr. Sue Zemgulis, OP, Dominican Retreat and Conference Center; Denise Hilliard, Dominican Learning Center; Gemma Doll, Dominican Sisters of Peace Leadership; Sr. Pat Thomas, OP, Peace Center; Sr. Susan Leslie, OP, St. Catharine Farm; Sr. Chris Loughlin, OP, Crystal Springs Center for Earth Learning; Sr. Charlene Vogel, OP, St. Catharine Farm; Natalie Fullerton, Heartland Farm, Donna Vroom, OPA, Dominican Sisters of Peace Grant Writer; Danny Ray Spaulding, St. Catharine Farm; Mark Hanes, Shepherd’s Corner Ecology Center.


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