Where is the Hope?

Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
Blog by Sr. Pat Thomas, OP

Everyone seems to be looking for signs of hope in this crazy world we call home. Some find it in the face a cat that sits outside the front door every morning in the hope of some food. Some find it during a Mardi Gras parade even when it is raining. Some find it in hearing that Drew Brees will stay with the Saints! Some find  it in the last two minutes of NBC Nightly News broadcasts. Some find it in “cake”. Some find it in the rising of the sun each day so that there might be more possibilities of finding something to hope in.

The believing community knows hope is within each and every one of us, and it is our gift from God to share with others. We are the hope every time we volunteer our time and talents in soup kitchens, donate money to charitable organizations, write letters and make phone calls to encourage our elected men and women to do more so that hope can be a part of everyone’s life. We find hope in prayer because that gives us the energy to go on and be the face of hope for those who believe they have none and there is none.

Wear the ashes, OK. Eat less, OK. But more importantly be a sign of the hope that comes from being believers who cannot despair because we believe God is good and passes that goodness through us to all we meet.

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4 responses to “Where is the Hope?

  1. Great examples of where to find hope. Oftentimes all that’s needed to give hope is a smile or offer to carry a tray. If we look, signs of hope are all around us. Thanks Pat.

  2. Thank you Sr Pat, I’m forwarding this beautiful reflection to my friend in the Voices of Hope prayer group.

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