From a Bible to an Album: Mission Continues

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Last week, while searching for one of my resource books on the Bible, I found an album that I created in 2008 after my involvement in the congregation’s “Ministry of Presence” in New Orleans during the Katrina recovery. Even after three years of this hurricane, there was still a much-needed ministry. I was grateful for the opportunity to participate in this ministry with Dominican Sisters in the summer 2008.

As I paged through the album, I still felt strongly the Dominican spirit of preaching, itinerancy, pioneering in these sisters. Among seven Sisters of Peace who participated, one is already united with God, another moved to a health care facility, and the rest are scattered around the country in New Orleans, Akron, Columbus, Wichita, and Great Bend.  My album of pictures for 2008 also reminded me of our January 2020 Mission Immersion experience in New Orleans that I was involved in. During this most recent trip, we shared with the discerners about Katrina and how the Sisters responded to the needs of the people in New Orleans and how they helped to rebuild their lives in the city. Reflecting on these two events, I see the continuity of our ministry and mission extending from the past to the present.

Sometimes, God leads us in a different direction than what we expect. Like me, I did not find the Bible resource that I was searching for. Instead, I found this album. In finding the album, I enjoyed reflecting on our mission work in the past and in the present. I hope that our mission for peace and the pioneering spirit of Dominicans will continue to flourish, not only in the present time, but also into the future. For this to happen, I invite you, sisters, associates, friends, and discerners, to reflect on these questions:

  • How can we pass our charism, our spirit, and mission on to the next generation?
  • How do we inspire each other to be pioneers for a mission of peace?
  • How do we encourage each other to think outside the box so the pioneering and itinerant spirit can grow in us and in future generations?

If you are alive with the desire to further our congregation’s mission of peace, we invite you to help us to promote vocations among young people and let others know what our lives and mission represent.

If you want to explore more about the Dominican Sisters of Peace, please visit our website or contact our vocation team.

Consider attending Come and See retreat March 13-15 in Columbus, Ohio for Catholic single women, ages from 18 to 45 years-old. Come and be peace with us and let God lead you into the future.


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