Please Call Ahead Before Visiting Our Facilities

Many of our Motherhouses and Care Facilities have restricted visitation due to the current outbreak of COVID-19. We appreciate your understanding as we protect our sisters.

Akron Motherhouse – Phone: (330) 836-4908

Columbus Motherhouse – Phone: (614) 416-1092

Great Bend Motherhouse – Phone: (620) 792-1232

Oxford Motherhouse – Phone: (248) 628-2872, x 222

St. Catharine, KY, Motherhouse – Phone: (859) 336-9303

Rosary Manor – Phone: (617) 924-1717

Lourdes Senior Community – Phone: (248) 674-2241

Mohun Health Care Center – Phone: (614) 416-6132

Regina Health Center – Phone: (330) 659-4161

Sansbury Care Center – Phone: (859) 336-3974

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2 responses to “Please Call Ahead Before Visiting Our Facilities

  1. It was so nice to receive a letter and prayer card from you. it will certainly be used.

    I have always had a love for sisters and have gained so much insight and guidance throughout my life from the many God has placed in my path. I continue to pray for all of you and would love to send a special greeting to Sr. Mary Noel. I visited her numerous times while she was in Louisiana. Would love to hear her voice again.

  2. Hope and pray that all the Sisters are well and safe. I am formally from Spalding, Ne. so I know Sister Joan M . Glaser and Sister Joan Dunning that are at St. Catharine’s, KY. I keep in touch with them. We had so many wonderful teachers (Dominicans) teach at Spalding Academy. we were so blessed. I would ask that they keep praying for all of us and their selves to stay well until this is over.
    My own prayers I add to all of you,
    God bless,
    Margaret A. McCoy

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