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Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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COVID19 came to the Peace Center this week; not because of sickness or death, but because we had to close. Last week we kept the center open especially for our after school kids who now had tons of work to do and often needed our computers to do it, but also for the new folks who stopped in because they had just been laid off and now had to fill out applications for SNAP. Completing SNAP applications is no easy task and online is really tough. The work was done and the applications filled out but now we “shelter in place” and pray for all of this to end. Contingency plans now include setting up a schedule for phone calls to our senior adults, some walks around the neighborhood on weekdays when we usually were not able to do so, setting up a neighborhood ambassador who could tell us if someone was in need that we might not know about and could help. Many folks do not have cars so we can offer to go to the store for them.

There are lots of people offering advice and suggestions for how to stay sane during these days, but it is the human presence that suddenly seems so vital. As we walk through the neighborhood, we will stop and say a prayer or greet those sitting on their porches and just let them know we are here and will do what we can and are allowed to do for them.

Let us pray for each other and look for new ways to stay connected that somehow won’t stop just because life might return to normal. Nothing is going to be normal again for a long time so what can we do to bring peace and hope to someone who is anxious and feeling downcast, and how do we prevent ourselves from having those same feelings? So, let’s take a breath, pray a lot and connect with each other as best we can.

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9 responses to “Be a Good Neighbor

  1. Hi Pat — good to hear your thoughts and about the work y’all are still able to do for neighbors.

  2. I’ve been helping students do unemployment by phone, so I feel for you and the SNAP forms. Those forms are very difficult. Bless you for helping. It’s so hard, esp. for those we serve.

  3. Thanks for your words and especially for your care and concern for those in your neighborhood, Blessings of health and safety for you and all you serve is my prayer today.

  4. Pat,
    Thanks for sharing the creative, thoughtful ways our Peace
    Center is ministering anew in NOLA.
    Stay safe.

  5. Well said, Pat. I agree that human presence is especially important these days as we live 6’ apart. It’s also good here in the Columbus Motherhouse to strength our voices so we can be heard. As you said, let’s pray for each other and those affected by the coronavirus.

  6. God Bless you Pat and Sisters Ceal and Suzanne so committed to carrying forth your ministry and reaching out from the Peace Center to those in need in your local community.
    Blessings to you and please STAY WELL.

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