Can a Solitary Lent be a Fruitful Lent?

There is no other way to say it … this has been a Lent like no other. In a season when we traditionally come together to remember Christ’s saving death, we are instead alone in the desert of quarantine. Instead of gathering in church, we are huddled around computers and television screens, watching the Mass being celebrated.

In a time like this, it would be easy to ignore our Lenten promises. We are already fasting from social interaction and so many other pleasures – why give up more? Many of us can’t donate our time or treasure in these uncertain times, so how do we give alms?

There are many ways to exercise and practice the pillars of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving, even as we mark the Fifth Week of Lent. All of us are doing that in new and unexpected ways. To help encourage and guide you on your newly-solitary Lenten journey, we offer Lent Day by Day, a series of Lenten videos, prayers and practices.

Please visit Lent Day by Day to find videos by our Sisters, prayer resources, and more. And while you are visiting our website, take a minute or two to stop by our Peace in a Time of Pandemic page to take a break from the stress and uncertainty of these times.

Our love and our prayers are with all of you. You are not alone. Our hearts are one in Christ during this time of chaos and uncertainty. Through God’s grace, may we experience the grace of Lent, and come again to a time of peace.

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