The Peace Center Shares Easter Blessings

Sr. Ceal Warner loads some of the 35 Easter bags prepared for Pine Street Apartment residents by the Peace Center.

COVID-19 might be keeping the neighborhood people out of the Peace Center, but it can’t keep the Peace Center out of the neighborhood!

Sisters Pat Thomas, Suzanne Brauer and Ceal Warner carried on their annual tradition of delivering Easter baskets and gave out food, candy and Easter hams to the residents of the Pine Street Apartments where they minister.

With help from two Associates, the Center was able to purchase hams to provide 35 baskets.

The Sisters are keeping in touch with their neighbors while

Sr. Suzanne Brauer and Sr. Ceal Warner with carts of Easter bags for local senior citizens.

maintaining social distance by sending out Easter cards and walking or driving down the neighborhood streets to ask if they can provide any help to their neighbors.

The Sisters are also calling Peace Center regulars to make sure that everyone is well.


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