Alleluia Alleluia

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As I waited, on Easter Sunday morning, for Mass to begin on TV, I read through Saturday’s and Sunday’s New York Times.

Much of it was filled with news about the worldwide pandemic and stories of men and women throughout the world giving of themselves — people of all nationalities, faiths, and color tending to the needs of others, either in their professional capacities or as concerned citizens feeling the need to do something.

Among the stories in the paper, I read of a 53-year-old priest in Bergamo, Italy (birthplace of Pope St. John XXIII) defying rules of self-confinement to minister to many people lying sick and dying in the local hospital. Bergamo had seen 20 priests die since the outbreak in Northern Italy. The papers also had stories of celebrities and ordinary people taking the time and risking their own health to provide for those in need. Stories like these abound.

Two stories struck me in the paper.

One was a story about speed on the highways during this pandemic. With the lack of cars and police enforcement, vehicles are far exceeding the speed limits posted. One story dealt with an Audi A8 with three drivers, fully gassed and loaded with extra fuel tanks that drove from NYC to California in 27 hours. The distance from NYC to Los Angeles is 2790 miles. In 27 hours, that would imply speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour.  My first reaction is WHY? The article ended citing that there would be other attempts soon to break this newly established record.

The other story that caught my interest was the fact that because of reduced demand, milk by the millions of gallons was being dumped into drains and sewers. Additionally, millions of tons of fruits and vegetables were rotting on their plants for lack of laborers to harvest them.

There has been much criticism of Western culture over the past century due to the quest for material wealth. Consumerism has replaced many of the values that look to the common good. Our desire for goods and services outweigh our feelings of sharing our abundance with those who have little.

Now with the world order in complete disarray, a spirit of concern has transformed our world into crisis mode. The outreach to the sick, elderly and anyone who is in need of some help is a sign of our inner love for others. Business as usual has become outreach to our neighbor. GOOD NEWS!!!!

As we celebrate the Risen Christ, we can hear the words of Jesus in  Matthew 22 as he repeats the Old Testament law in Deuteronomy 6 that we are  “to love God with our whole heart, mind and soul and to love our neighbors as ourselves. Happy Easter!

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3 responses to “Alleluia Alleluia

  1. I am glad that in our newspaper there are a lot of positives, but you are right one negative can destroy all the good been done by so many.
    Its the TV news that gives me “allergies” when I see our Leadership so uncaring for others… other than himself . But he too is beloved of God so I too have to love as you say, with heart, mind and soul!

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