“Do not be afraid…my love for you will never leave you.”

Dear Friends,

As I write this letter to you, I am mindful of the isolation, loss, sorrow, and even fear that you might feel during this COVID-19 pandemic. Our Sisters across the country and around the world join you in following the advice of medical professionals. We are staying inside to help slow the spread of this virus. We are also imploring our merciful God to bring peace and healing to all affected.

Although we may have to maintain a physical distance from each other, please be assured that you and your loved ones are held close in our hearts and in our prayers.  We cannot comprehend the many challenges you are facing, and we pray that this letter may bring you some peace.

This time of isolation reminds me of Jesus’ time in the wilderness. Isolated from his family and friends during this time, he relied on God for strength and courage. As we journey through the current desert created by this virus, let us support each other in prayer, and help each other as best we can by following all of the established precautions designed to support the common good of all.

Talk to our loving God about your worries. Ask for strength. Together let us look forward to an eventual resurrection and a new dawn.

In our Dominican tradition, we do what we can to help meet the needs of our time. In this case, our desire in sending you this letter is simply to offer you peace. The enclosed prayer card, with its verse from Isaiah, offers us a special prayer for these extraordinary times.

We have posted links on our website at oppeace.org for prayer requests and online masses, along with some meditative and peaceful videos which we hope will soothe your spirits. Look for us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where we also extend our support to you.

In the book of Isaiah, we hear God’s voice saying, “Do not be afraid. For though the mountains may depart and the hills be shaken, my love for you will never leave you, and my covenant of peace with you will never be shaken.

Today and everyday, take this promise to heart, knowing that God is always with us. Take courage in God’s love.

Be safe, be calm, and be at peace.

Sister Patricia Twohill, OP
Dominican Sisters of Peace


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6 responses to ““Do not be afraid…my love for you will never leave you.”

  1. Thank you sister Patricia, really we need to hear this in this bad time.. God bless you ,Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from Jerusalem& Bethlehem…

  2. This letter, when I received it, came at the right time.The same day I also got a note from another friend. Both brought a happy tear that people do care. Thank you so much sisters. Love and prayers

  3. Got mine in the mail is beautiful…thank you so much!
    God bless our Dominican Sisters…

    Sending love and prayers
    From Great Bend, Ks

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