Peace and Justice Updates 5.06.2020

COVID-19 Response Exposes Racial Inequities
Join Faith in Action Thursday, May 7 at 8 p.m. EST, for our Second Town Hall on Race and COVID-19. The Town Hall will feature special guest Congressman Joaquin Castro, Chair of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. We will discuss racial inequity in the CARES Act, the impact of COVID-19 on immigrant families, conditions in Puerto Rico, and our demands for any new stimulus legislation in Congress.

The public health and humanitarian crisis that is the coronavirus pandemic calls for bold and moral leadership from Congress to remedy the deep and systemic racial inequities in our country during the pandemic and beyond.

Register and join us on Thursday, May 7 at 8:00 p.m. EST for this important town hall as #WeDemandEquity and hear from impacted clergy and leaders. The Town Hall will be conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation in Spanish.

Sign the BRADY Petition to Ban Assault Weapons
It’s been seven years since Sandy Hook, four years since Pulse, two years since Parkland, two years since Vegas, one year since Tree of Life and nine months since El Paso, But there has been no action from our government,

And yet it took Canada just over ONE WEEK after a horrific massacre to ban assault weapons. This is common-sense leadership to save lives.

We’re telling the White House: Ban assault weapons NOW! Click here to sign the petition. 

Support the Regulation of Ghost Guns
The House Judiciary Committee has sent a bold and urgent letter to the Trump administration’s ATF urging federal oversight to monitor and regulate the MASSIVE surge in sales of UNTRACEABLE ghost guns during the coronavirus pandemic.

Ghost guns are specifically designed to avoid all gun laws, oversight, and regulations — thereby posing grave public safety risks. Ghost gun kits are readily available online and open to purchase by anyone without a background check. This, paired with the absence of a serial number, is exactly what motivates prohibited buyers to seek out ghost gun parts and kits.

You can click here to send a “thank you” to the House Judiciary Committee to thank them for this important action!

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