Dominican Sisters of Peace speak out for Black Lives


Casey Goodson photo provided by family attorney Sean Walton.

Bishop Robert J. Brennan, Diocese of Columbus, and Sister Pat Twohill are among the faith leaders in the Diocese to sign a letter regarding the death of Casey Goodson. The letter asks for prayers for the Goodson family and calls for an investigation into his death.

Casey Goodson, 23, was shot and killed by a Franklin County sheriff’s deputy in a search for another person as he entered his family’s home.

To read the letter signed by Sister Pat and faith leaders, click here.

To read the letter as published in the Columbus Dispatch, click here. 

To read the statement by Bishop Brennan, click here.

To read a USA Today article about the shooting, click here.


Image by Columbus Associate Gaye Reissland.

The Dominican Sisters of Peace and Associates abhor the brutal killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis by a member of the police force. We are brokenhearted that yet another African American family must suffer this senseless loss of a loved one. Too many black men and women have lost their lives for no reason other than the color of their skin. The constant harassment of people of color; and the denial of the rights and dignity of people of color, our neighbors, must end now. We say unequivocally, black lives matter.

As Americans, we must admit that racism is a sin. Period. No excuses. It is systemic, pernicious, and deeply embedded in our history. It is time we listened to the experience, and indeed the cry of our sisters and brothers who have endured decades of institutionalized disparities in income, access to health care, in educational opportunity, employment and equal protection under the law. This must be rectified.

We are encouraged that an objective investigation by Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison will be carried out in a timely way. Justice in the death George Floyd cannot be denied.

We know the majority of police officers are well trained and perform their services competently and with care for their fellow citizens.  Yet among them are bullies who disrespect people of color and who sully the reputation of every other police officer. We call for a renewal and recommitment of law enforcement’s mission to protect and serve all our citizens equally regardless of color.

It is time for bold, decisive action. We pledge to raise our voices and to act now to end this public sin. We do not want to pass on to the next generation, the suffocating oppressive sin of racism that we all suffer today.

It is long past time to dismantle white privilege. We are working for justice and we pray for peace.

Sr. Pat Twohill, OP
Sr. Therese Leckert, OP
Sr. Gemma Doll, OP
Sr. Gene Poore, OP
Sr. Anne Lythgoe, OP

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39 responses to “Dominican Sisters of Peace speak out for Black Lives

  1. Dominican Sisters of Peace~ Thank you for your article about George Floyd. I recall the funeral service and preacher’s eulogy. The power of George Floyd in life and after life fortifies individual choice to ban racist thought and evoke love even in crime and punishment, including acknowledgment of reasonable mind plus law and ethics. It is banned in Brazil to behave on behalf of racism. As Americans, I agree with the article, Americans should bear witness to truth, non-judgment and congruence with each other. Let us be patient and bear witness~eager to acknowledge how grace can help us speak about our differences.

  2. An eloquent response to a tragic and painful event in the United States. Silence, in the face of incidents of systemic racism, damages all human beings.

  3. This statement makes me proud to be an alumna of St. Mary of the Springs Academy and College. I wish that more members of the hierachy would condemn racism as clearly and strongly as you do. Keep up the Social Justice work and teachings. These are the principles that my years at St. Marys taught me. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. This statement makes me proud to be a graduate of Albertus Magnus. The commitment of these women to the gospel message, and their courage in proclaiming it loudly and clearly, gives me hope. Thank you for your courage.

  5. I appreciate your strong words. May the culture of racism be abolished in our country.

  6. Thank you! Your statement brought tears to my eyes. I am a proud faculty member at Albertus Magnus College, and a proud but sad graduate of a Catholic high school. I yearn for the sisters who taught me there to make a clear statement like this one. I pray their community learns from your bravery and clear stand. Black Lives Matter. It is the only Christian response.

  7. June 7th, 2020
    Thank you for your strong statement. I believe you speak for all of us as we experience the pain. We need to put an end to the racism that is destroying our Country.

  8. Sister Cathy, Sister Joan, Sister Therese, Sister Margie, Sister Mary Daniel, All you women of peace ——- I came here looking for you in this painful moment, knowing I would find your words. This is a once in a generation opportunity to create change. Thank you for showing up, for your readiness – always – to cooperate with God. I will find more courage to show up for my black and brothers sisters at every opportunity I can find, knowing you are already there.

  9. I so appreciate your leadership and courage in speaking the truth. Only God can change hearts, but we have the power to impact repressive institutions. Let there be peace and JUSTICE on earth!

  10. A strong, bold statement that certainly reflects my sentiments, Together, we sisters and associates can work for justice so that peace and equality will prevail.
    Thank you, LT for expressing this for us.

  11. Thank you so much, Sisters, for expressing so well our stand against racism during this crucial time. The hatred and violence we have witnessed lately is a disgrace and some-
    thing no one should condone. May peace soon come to all.

  12. As an immigrant from Haiti, I admit that racism is a sin and I also believe people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (compassion, love, community building).
    I’m praying for the for G.F’s family , for the police and their family and our society. There is much pain but also much joy in building a just society. Allons vers l’avant…

  13. I did shed tears while watching the video of the death of George. Indeed, we are one family, sisters and brothers, children of God, regardless of color. Thank you for this Statement of Support against racism. I stand with you in prayer and spirit and for justice to George and end to racism. May God bless us all.

  14. Thank you for taking a strong stance on this issue and standing beside me during this most trying time. I am encouraged by your words and hope-filled by the actions of the diverse and peaceful demonstrators this week.

  15. Thank you, for saying this formally and ‘out loud,’ thank you.
    All life is sacred. We are made in the image of God. The unborn child, all races, all sizes and the aging , all the people of the world. God does love us so much to send us Jesus.

  16. Thank you for your words of truth and challenge.
    Here in England and around the globe, we stand with our sisters and brothers in the USA. We share your call and prayers for justice and decisive action.

  17. Thank you all for your cogent observations on the realities of the policing of peoples of color in our nation.

  18. Thank you, Sisters. We had a peaceful demonstration here in Great Bend this past weekend.

  19. Thank you, Sisters for putting into words what we feel and think!

    Peace and Blessings!

  20. You speak the truth loud and strong in our name. We admire and thank you, Pat, Therese, Gemma, Gene, and Anne.

    Diane McOsker

  21. Thank you for speaking out in our need to counter the racism that is so insidiously present in our society. May each of us speak out against racism in all its expressions.

  22. Thank you. We all need to reflect on how our actions and words tell of our values and principles. We must preach and stand for Peace through justice!

  23. Thank you for your bold statement. It is past time to recognize how racism denies people of their right as people created in the image and likeness of God. Our voices and love of humanity need to be heard and seen right now.

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