Justice Updates: 6.10.2020

Ohio lawmakers are advancing Stand Your Ground — a dangerous and racist policy known for helping white shooters avoid prosecution and putting Black Americans at further risk of gun violence.

Stand Your Ground laws encourage the escalation of gun violence in avoidable situations and do not deter crime. HB 381 would allow a person to shoot to kill another person in public, even if there is a safe and clear way to walk away from the danger. This racist policy is associated with increases in gun homicides and disproportionately impacts communities of color.

Send your state representative a message urging them to OPPOSE HB 381 by clicking here.

The June issue of Stop Trafficking is now available. Click here to download the PDF version. 

Sr. Barbara Kane shared this article on how we can support our friends, neighbors and co-workers of color during this very painful time. Click here to read.

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One response to “Justice Updates: 6.10.2020

  1. A brutally honest explanation that anti racism is a verb: action, not just acknowledgement. I read the information from DSOP on what we can DO to help our brothers and sisters that are BIPOC- Black, Indigenous and People of Color. I not only learned but acted. I bought a book on racism from Mahogany Books. I learned about this African American owned bookstore from you. It was hard deciding which book I wanted to buy first ! I will be a repeat customer. I also made a donation to global Black Lives Matter. These two actions were the result from our newsletter. I’ve never been racist and have an assortment of BIPOC friends-not acquaintances but friends. Small steps but in the right direction. Thank you DSOP.

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