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Sr. Pat Thomas, OP
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I have finally started wearing hearing aids, and it has been quite an adjustment. I know a lot of us have had to begin using these devices.  The one thing my audiologist has to keep me reminding me about is how my brain must be involved in how I use them. Once the aids are in my ears, it requires a tremendous rebooting for my brain because it has to regulate my hearing in a new way.

These last few months under the harsh realities of COVID-19 and the killing of George Floyd, our brains have had to make serious reboots. What was normal then is not normal now. How do we make rational decisions now in the face of the “wear a mask/don’t wear a mask” controversy; get a haircut or not; participate in protests or not; write letters to our leaders to encourage them to rethink how America will continue or not. You get it.

Our brains have to make a new balance and help us relearn how to live in our various settings. We have to relearn how to prioritize; to define our values once again. The question looms large out there – do we just go back to the way it was or have we been able to learn better ways? That is what our brain is trying to make sense about, and we can’t rush it. It has been too used to the way things always were, but then that’s the way most of us would like it to be – THE WAY THINGS WERE! I guess one of my hopes is that this virus and the horrendous murders of so many Black people will make us say we can NEVER go back to the way things were.

I hate the way things were and I see so many possibilities for us to make the words of an old Mamas and Papas song come to life.

There’s a new world coming
And it’s just around the bend….
There’s a new voice calling,
You can hear it if you try….
Coming in peace, coming in joy,
Coming in love.

An awful lot of people call that “pie in the sky” language; but I think the roots of those words are found in the Word. Jesus preached a new world order and told his first followers they had better get crackin’ to establish a different way of living where the last will be first from now on! It is a world of paradigm shifts, revolution and systemic change. Are you in?

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13 responses to “A New Mind Set

  1. Pat,
    You are so correct that we can retrain our minds and set it to a new focus as we transform ourselves. I have to see with new eyes and hear with new ears and love with an inclusive HEART.

  2. Sister Pat,
    I enjoyed your reflection, and am challenged to embrace the future. l sincerely hope that all people realize that we cannot return to the past.

  3. Thanks, Pat! Right on. Many of us knew this long ago glad the rest of the world is jumping in.

  4. I am “in” too with lots of Hope and Trust in our loving Father, Son and Holy Spirit working in our lives to be one with God’s Will.

    Let us pray for one another always in all ways.
    Love and blessings to you, Pat,
    Sr. Brigid

  5. It’s called the reign of God and it is our responsibility to build it & I believe it will need s rewiring of our brains. When I wrote my thesis for my first masters ,it was on sacramental symbols (archetypesJung) and Marshall McLuhan’s TheMedium is the Message. It was about how our brains have to make pictures of the pixel. The way your brain is reading what you ears hear with the assist, I said it made us use our right brains and we needed to change education. In mu second thesis it was a right brained religious education and I ran a day camp program in Rosaryville using that approach I have a copy of that but not the first. Sorry for the long reply. June Engelbrecht

  6. A great metaphor, Pat! Thanks! And how, oh how, do we keep ourselves from unconsciously sliding back to old ways so far from the dream of the kindom?

  7. Thanks, Pat. I’m in and appreciate your blog. The way things were need a change to benefit those who have been oppressed. We can help so let’s try.

  8. I’m “in,” Pat. I think you named well the point at which we in this country–perhaps the world–are now facing. I want to hope that we can make the shift that so many folks have dreamed about and laid down their lives to achieve. Because, we are “in it” no matter what. May our resistance be transformed to that “new world.”

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