What is God Asking of You During this Pandemic?

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

As this pandemic wears on, I’m beginning to feel restless and want it to be over.  I suspect I’m not alone in feeling this way.  On the positive side, maybe now is a good time to ask what lessons am I learning from this pandemic?  What is God asking of me, from me, at this time, in this moment? How can I use this time to deepen my relationship with God, with self, and with others?

Clearly, we are not living in contented times. I believe we are being called to go into the eye of the present storm, with God at our side and with faith in ourselves and each other, to address the many systemic problems of our times. We must listen to the still small voice within ourselves that calls us to dig deep to find ways to understand and respond to the issues that are before us. We have reached a pinnacle in either responding to or refraining from the problems that plague us.  Do we take a step forward or backwards?  Do we take a step into the arena or out of the arena?  Do we proceed with fear or with compassion?

Perhaps one lesson we can learn from this pandemic is to slow down and to be in communion with God in whatever way we find God and where God can find us. We need to nurture and ready ourselves for the journey ahead. Our mission now is to prepare ourselves to be peacemakers, to be truth-tellers (preachers), to be healers and messengers of hope, to be advocates who stand with the persecuted, marginalized, and those denied their full humanity and dignity as God’s creation.

Every generation has faced challenges, some more dire and pivotal than others.  What will be our response individually and communally? Will we be a force to be reckoned with in pursuing the truth and justice that has evaded the marginalized for years?  How do you see and hear God calling you amid the many issues before us?

Are you hearing a nudge from God to be part of a faith community that is devoted to fostering a deep relationship with God and that strives to respond to the needs of the times?  Do you want to dedicate your life to serving God’s people and to understanding and carrying out God’s will? If you feel called to explore life as a religious sister, we invite you to contact us to begin a conversation.

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3 responses to “What is God Asking of You During this Pandemic?

  1. I find that I pray more everyday, I thank God for what I have. I have your eyes to see, your feet to walk and your voice to proclaim your love. Where do you want me serve your people.

    Stay well

  2. Thank you Mary Ellen, good thoughts calling us to question and listen to the call to go out and minister or at least that’s what I am hearing from many voices at this ” time of caution”.

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