Peace and Justice Updates 7.29.2020

World Day Against Trafficking in Persons – July 30
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Join U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking in our letter to Attorney General William Barr to protect children and prevent online trafficking and exploitation by funding and enforcing the Protect Our Children Act of 2008. You can read more in this short backgrounder and also mail in your own customized letter on your letterhead by downloading a word doc version of this letter.

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Please join USCCB and USCSAHT for World Day Against Trafficking Webinar – July 30th at 1pm EDT. You can learn about what local, national, and international groups are doing to combat human trafficking for labor and sexual slavery domestically and abroad.

Please click here to register.

Honoring the Legacy of John Lewis
Our nation just said goodbye to Congressman John Lewis, a man who dedicated his life to the fight for voting rights and equality.

John Lewis almost died in 1965 during the fight to pass the VRA — which was gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013. The decision gave states the power to close polling locations, institute their own voter ID laws, change district lines, and restrict early voting.

If you’re ready to stand up for voting rights and honor the late champion John Lewis, sign this petition to Congress calling for a full restoration of the Voting Rights Act — renamed in John’s honor — today.


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  1. We talk about “paying a debt to society” when someone is incarcerated. When released the debt must be paid. So rights ought to be restored.

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