A Perfect Storm

Blog by Justice Promoter Sister Judy Morris, OP

The next time I meet Mitch McConnell in the fresh vegetable aisle at my local Kroger store, I will say I am glad we both like healthy food, but I really want to talk about the health of the nation. We are starving for leadership. We are starving for leaders who put the common good before partisan “victories.

On your desk, Senator is a bill from House leadership sent two months ago. This bill will continue to provide $600 a week for those unemployed until January.  Without this money, you will not find them shopping at Kroger. This bill will also help those facing eviction. States and cities running out of financial resources would receive much-needed help.

As we move forward in the “perfect storm” — a monster pandemic, the effects of systemic racism, and economic collapse, we need to face our quicksand reality and “speak up” and “stand up,” using John Lewis’ model.

In this bleak scene, there are 21 million unemployed in the United States, or an estimated 47.2% according to CNBC.  Millions face eviction, and over 155,000 have died from COVID 19.

In response to this crisis, the Republican party leadership has proposed the following bill:

  • No money for food assistance
  • $8 billion in funding for weapons, including $686 million for F-35 fighter jets.
  • No hazard pay or safety standards for workers
  • A sweeping corporate immunity proposal that threatens the lives of workers
  • No extension of the federal moratorium on evictions.
  • Significant reduction of enhanced unemployment benefits
  • No meaningful relief for state and local government.
  • Under-investments in COVID-19 testing and health care— even while there is a push to reopen schools and businesses.
  • Renovations of the West Wing and a new FBI building

According to the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project, between 19 million and 23 million families across the country that pay rent are at risk of losing their homes by September 30.

As more “essential workers” continue to serve a country in crisis, we  need to be “essential citizens” who call or write our senators to urge passage of a bill that leaves no one behind, a bill that focuses on the most vulnerable, a bill that is truly “pro-life.”

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18 responses to “A Perfect Storm

  1. Good information that we can use to send to our reps even if they do not respond, we can hope that they might read the info. Thank you.

  2. Right on, Judy! If Mitch took away the very unnecessary $8 billion in funding for weapons, including $686 million for F-35 fighter jets, and $ for renovations of the West Wing and a new FBI building along with taking out the sweeping corporate immunity proposal that threatens the lives of workers and then putting the savings to include all the other points currently left out of his bill, he’d go a long way toward solving the stalemate in the Senate negotiating. He also needs to submit a bill to rescind the trillion $ tax cut for corporations and the wealthy.

  3. Thank you, Judy, for sharing this information. I think the top 1% can ride out this pandemic out much easier than the rest of America, especially those who are threatened with eviction and how they can feed their families. Also more PPE is needed for hospitals and schools, more tests that are accessible, accurate with faster results would help too. The last stimulus bill seemed to go primarily to large corporations, including Kanye West’s corporation which received somewhere between $2 – $5 million. Now he’s running for President?? As long as we ignore and say nothing, these misappropriations will continue. To quote John Lennon, “Strange Days, Indeed.”

  4. Judy,
    Tell him that a whole congregation of Dominican Sisters stand with you!
    Mary Ann Wiesemann-Mills OP

  5. Sister,
    Hopefully, Mitch will get your message. I just sent a letter to my Tennessee Senators composed by the USCCB. As you so eloquently stated, the citizens of our great country are in dire need of understanding, compassion and action from all of our elected officials.

  6. Good Luck! I’ve written to so many and their response is always a form letter with all the good THEY are doing. So very discouraging all seems like a waste of time but we must keep speaking out!
    Thank you for all your work.

    1. I’m having the same experience as you are, Esther. Guess we just have to keep on trying. Thanks for all your efforts too.

      Mary Jo Knittel

  7. Thanks, Judy! Mitch really needs to see this… and take it to heart… AND to the SENATE to get a decent vote! I am so sick of a man who doesn’t care about ordinary people, the ones who are suffering so much during this pandemic. Thanks for the work you do to keep us informed!


  8. Judy, I hope you’ll get this to Mitch and not wait to meet him at Kroger! Well written. Sorry, though, he won’t care about your good work or the millions who are suffering from Covid, unemployment, and a broken economy.

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