Democracy Under Attack


We are in the middle of a pandemic that has taken over 170,000 lives.

We are less than 80 days from a presidential election.

That is our existential situation. And now, the Postmaster General is enacting changes that affect the vital operations of the postal service and how it will serve millions of citizens.

The right to vote is fundamental and guaranteed in the U.S. constitution. Today, that right is in jeopardy because of inexperience and partisan actions including:

  • More than 600 mail processing machines have been removed around the country. These machines can process 35,000 letters an hour while sorting by hand would take 30 USPS employees an entire day.
  • Publicly accessible mailboxes have been removed from Oregon to Manhattan and cities in between;
  • Overtime for postal workers is being curtailed, even during times of heavy mail burden (mail-in ballot requests and returns)
  • A hiring freeze is now in place;
  • Neither the Senate nor the White House will provide funding for the post office.
  • The White House has refused to support the US Postal Service, openly admitting the stated purpose of making mail-in voting more difficult.

Because of these blatant tactics being used to slow the mail, the postal service has now warned 46 states that mail-in ballots may not be counted. Voter suppression is alive and well!  Unsubstantiated allegations by the president claim that mail-in ballots have a history of voter fraud, but when asked to prove his theory, there is no reply.

All of this is happening at a time when people are afraid to venture out in a crowd, so in-person voting will be down, while many people will feel they cannot trust the U.S. mail system to deliver their ballots on time. On a personal note, I am now receiving mail at my home at 8 p.m.

The policies of Louis DeJoy, the newly-appointed postmaster, have negatively affected the delivery of millions of prescription medications.  Millions of people in the United States are finding their prescriptions arriving late.  More than 90% of veterans received their medication through the mail, and shipments that used to take 3-5 days now take weeks.

Many people depend on checks coming through the mail, so this avoidable delay provides a hardship.  Census forms have a due date coming soon, and with the completion deadline already shortened by one month, time becomes even more critical. We cannot guarantee fair representation without an accurate count.

These troubling actions could have dire consequences for an honest election, and for allowing all registered voters to vote in safety.

What can you do?

Blog by Justice Promoter Sister Judy Morris, OP

Contact Republican and Democratic senators, even if they are not in your state, and urge them to provide funding for the post office, bring back the letter processing machines and allow overtime for workers.  The postmaster must be forced to meet with the senate. This is not just a “balanced-budget” issue – it is a question of basic human rights.

Because of this irresponsible action, I will vote in person. However you choose to vote, be sure to exercise this important right as a citizen.



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10 responses to “Democracy Under Attack

  1. Thanks, Judy for the article. What really saddens me is “the divide” that has been accomplished in our country. Name calling and animosity for someone’s opinion is a sin. We are a Democracy in the UNITED States where more than one political party exists to support an individual’s own ideals. All issues should be evaluated when deciding on your candidate. This is my truth.

  2. You make valued points , Sr. I have thought about the postal device quite a lot too. I like stamps. I have saved them for years.
    In hindsight the postal service has been losing money since the internet, mail has decreased ..many people pay bills online. downsizing was good up until the COVID-19.

    Now praying for a fair and accurate count for our Nov Voting . Voting has had fraud for many years. In Chicago & California people that are dead vote, in other states dogs are said to have voted.

  3. Kudos to you, Judy!
    Once again you nail the truth down to help all of us understand the reality of our situation.

  4. Dear Sister, I am sorry that you have become a victim of yet another Democratic Party political hoax.This is as much a hoax as the whole Russian Collusion conspiracy dreamed up by Hilary Clinton supporters.

    Veritas: over 14,000 mailboxes were removed during President Obama’s administration. Were you complaining then?

    Please seek Truth before writing about a hoax.

    I’ll pray for you.

    1. The exact words from the White House:”They want three and a half billion dollars for something that’ll turn out to be fraudulent, that’s election money basically. They want three and a half billion dollars for the mail-in votes. Universal mail-in ballots. They want $25 billion, billion, for the Post Office. Now they need that money in order to make the Post Office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots.’ That’s a man that wants to cripple a service that allows thousands of people to vote, including himself and his wife. That is attack on democracy.

      1. There is a major difference between absentee voting and universal mail in voting. If you do not understand the difference you have not been paying attention. Absentee voting will not be a problem. However, universal mail in voting is ripe for fraud.

        1. Voting fraud is extremely rare in the US, and voting by mail is no exception. In the past 20 years, over 250,000,000 votes have been cast by mail, and according to data from the Heritage Foundation, there have been only 1,285 proven cases of voter fraud resulting in 1,100 convictions. Of the four documents cases in the 2016 election, three were Republican, and were in person voters.

        2. All of this is based on fear and fear leads to paralysis. Voting is a privilege and it is a right, sometimes we forget that. So many countries in our world still pretend to allow people to use their voices and votes but in the end there is always fraud. We had some experience of that in our history as a country, (we have always jokingly spoken of the “myth” perpetuated supposedly by Chicago’s experiences and said “vote early and vote often”), but never a blatant fraud. We came close with those “counting chad” issues. In any case, why isn’t the other party encouraging people to get out and vote? I guess that party believes Americans will do their civic duty and the other one doesn’t. Only November 3 will tell.

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