Journey to the Core

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

As I prepare to participate in a year-long spiritual development adventure with the Wellstreams program, I want to share with you what has led me to this moment.  But first, let me explain that the Wellstreams program is about deepening one’s spiritual life and awakening to self, to others, and to God, and expanding one’s wisdom.  The program “fosters discernment and provides education for those who may feel called to the practice of spiritual direction.”

I started the program once before, many years ago, but was not in a space to continue the program.  So this time I needed to discern my readiness and willingness to commit to this opportunity for growth and transformation.  Being like the doubting disciple Thomas, my fears about what this journey to the core would require made me question whether I had “the stuff” to be part of this journey with others. My internal dialogue was working overtime to cast doubts about my being “good enough” or “spiritual enough” to be part of this program. While this dialogue still plagues me, my desire to give this time to God, to let God work in me and to be open to whatever God wants to do in me is stronger than these doubts.

During my discernment process, I came to realize also that to move forward and to open myself to possibilities, I needed to take a leap of faith.  And so it is that I embark now on this journey, knowing that this program will likely offer opportunities to be stretched, to develop compassion, and to deepen my awareness, appreciation, and acceptance of self and others, and to nurture my relationship with the Divine.

This journey to the core, to understanding who I am (not who I should be), who God is for me, and who God desires me to be, are the strongest pulls for my participating in this program. I trust that it will be an unfolding journey of discovery, mystery, connection, freedom, and groundedness.  To connect with and reach this core, I know I will need to be open and vulnerable, something that I have learned to do through writing these blogs and slowly through my own work with my spiritual director.

You might say that my journey to the core is similar to the discernment journey to understanding if God is calling a woman to religious life as a Sister.  In both journeys, God speaks to us through our desires and calls us to be who we are meant to be, and invites us to go where we can best be ourselves, knowing God is always with us wherever we are.

If you are feeling called by God, cast aside any fears you might have about religious life and contact us to explore if God is calling you to become a Sister.

Also, we invite you to join us also for a virtual discernment retreat, September 11-13, 2020, which we are hosting via Zoom.  Spend some time with us praying and talking with our Sisters, sharing with other women of FAITH, discovering God’s PURPOSE for your life, and enjoying an experience of COMMUNITY online.  Click here If interested in this retreat or contact Sr. Bea Tiboldi, OP at for details about this free retreat opportunity!

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11 responses to “Journey to the Core

  1. You certainly sound ready for this more formal and year long journey, Mary Ellen. Thank you for sharing and God’s many blessings be yours.

  2. Prayers as you continue your life long spiritual journey to the core of who God created you to be from that very first breath of the Spirit of life and light.

  3. Mary Ellen
    I am excited for you . The Wellstream program is so rich and challenging. Praying that it will lead you to that deeper place that you are seeking. Marilyn

  4. I am so happy your prayerful discernment has led you to leaping or launching into this sacred place within from where the Divine Lord moves outward into the world, through you, with you, beside you. My prayers are with you Mary Ellen!

  5. So glad to hear that you are starting Wellstreams, Mary Ellen! May this be a blessed year as you journey to the core.

  6. What a wonderful idea. I’m glad you are journeying to your core. My prayer will be with you all the way. God will give you everything you everything you hope for knowing you will use it well with God’s help.

    Peace and Prayers,
    Sr. Mary Jo

  7. Congratulations Mary Ellen! I think you will love this journey and I think you will be an excellent spiritual director!

  8. May all go well for you, Mary Ellen. Hopefully it will be all that you hope for and much more. May the Spirit guide you to be open and receptive.

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