Peace and Justice Updates 9.23.2020

Forced Sterilization at Immigration Camps

A tweet that says "Whistleblower from ICE detention facility files complaint alleging "'jarring medical neglect' within the facility, including a refusal to test detainees for the novel coronavirus and an exorbitant rate of hysterectomies being performed on immigrant women.""

A nurse, Black woman, and mom of five named Dawn Wooten, working at the Irwin County Detention Center in Georgia, has reported that an “inordinate amount of hysterectomies” are being performed on female patients at the Center.

Ms. Wells said it was “like an experimental concentration camp.” The women who were undergoing the invasive procedure were often not told clearly, in their native language, why the procedure was necessary. One even said she was not properly anesthetized during it.

We demand that ICE immediately shut down the Irwin County Detention Center and that Congress hold ICE and CBP accountable for continuing human rights abuses by cutting funding to ICE and CBP in the 2021 budget now. Click here to sign our petition.

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