From the Global Sisters Report – September 28, 2020

Sr. Gemma Doll is a member of the Dominican Sisters of Peace’s leadership team.



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A town hall for those living or working in Dubuque, Iowa: Ways to hold all life sacred

By Sr. Gemma Doll of the Dominican Sisters of Peace

I rode into the Zooming Nuns on the Bus trip all the way to Des Moines, Iowa. Many of the participants were from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, which hosted us. Social Service Sr. Simone Campbell expanded Pope Francis’ call that Catholics hold all life sacred.

In small-group sessions, both Catholics and other faith believers resonated with the idea that every issue is connected. As a pro-life Catholic and a pediatric nurse, I know that to save the life of the unborn, I must care for the health of the pregnant mother and ensure adequate housing as well as access to quality health care, and she must have a healthy diet and not suffer discrimination. Above all, she depends on Mother Earth’s health to provide resources for her and her unborn baby.

We enter political discussions through one door and realize that the house of multi-issues is equally important. That is why I am a multi-issue Catholic voter!

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