Peace and Justice Updates 10.14.2020

Curing Poverty, Inequality and the Coronavirus

This year’s Jubilee Weekend 2020: Curing Poverty, Inequality and the Coronavirus will be held October 16th – 18th, the same weekend as the major IMF and World Bank meetings this year. We need your help to lift the voices of the faithful in defense of the world’s most vulnerable during this critical time. With your help, we can expand debt relief for the 73 poorest countries and move forward more aid for developing countries.

During Jubilee Weekend 2020: Curing Poverty, Inequality and the Coronavirus, the IMF and World Bank will make decisions that will determine whether or not tens of millions of people will enter extreme poverty or if hundreds of millions of people in the US and around the world can exit poverty.

We need hundreds of faith communities to offer one prayer during October 16-18 and organizations to take action. The list of participants sent to decision-makers is what moves forward our campaigns. Please sign-up your faith community or organization for one prayer or action.

Keep our Elections Safe and Secure

On Thursday, October 15 at 11am, Faithful Democracy, Washington Interfaith Staff Community (WISC) and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (RAC) are sponsoring a panel for faith leaders on election security. They have put together an outstanding panel (See details below).

Click here to register.

Save Our Coastlines

After wavering back and forth, and following much public outcry, the Trump administration has extended a moratorium on offshore drilling off Florida’s Gulf Coast and extended it to apply to its Atlantic coastline.1

This is a great first step — and it shows the administration is willing to budge on this issue — but it doesn’t go far enough.

We’re calling for a permanent ban on offshore drilling in the Gulf and the Atlantic. Tell your senators: Ban offshore drilling off our coasts permanently. Click here to contact the lawmaker in your district.

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