The National Day of Racial Healing

“What do I see around me in today’s world?”
I see infection and turbulence—the pandemic of the coronavirus, the pandemic of racism and of climate degradation, and more…
What response do infection and turbulence invite?–healing and peace.”

These words from Dominican Sisters of Peace Prioress Pat Twohill set the theme for our Congregation on this National Day of Racial Healing … how do we, as vowed religious, and as preachers of peace… instigate racial healing in our nation?

Three of our five Congregational Commitments speak to the importance of welcoming the stranger and the marginalized. The Dominican Sisters of Peace have been studying and contemplating systemic racism and how we might come together to end this social epidemic. Today, we are featuring a series of videos from our Sister Suzanne Brauer, who ministers at the New Orleans Peace Center, discussing her own path to personal racial healing.

Click here to view the entire series.

We are also sharing videos from several of our Sisters discussing their own thoughts on the need for and the path to racial healing. Please feel free to share any of these videos on your own social media using the hashtag #HowWeHeal.

Sr. Cathy Arnold, Co-Director, The Collaborative Dominican Initiative
Sr. Annie Killian, Novice, The Collaborative Dominican Initiative
Sr. Bea Tiboldi, Vocation Outreach Minister
Sr. Ellen Coates, Second Year Novice, Contact Tracer at Ohio State University
Sr. Robin Richard, ESL Program Coordinator, Dominican Learning Center
Sr. Margie Davis, Mission Group Coordinator, Dominican Sisters of Peace

If you would like to share ideas about racial healing in your own community, click here for a discussion guide.

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