Peace and Justice Updates 1.20.2021

Letter to Encourage Non-Partisan Behavior
As the new Administration is sworn in, along with two new Senators that bring the Senate to a 50/50 party split, we pray that all of our Congressional representatives will work for the good of the country, no matter their party affiliation. If you would like to communicate with your Congressperson to encourage non-partisan cooperation, we have included a letter that you can send.

Dear Senator/Representative  (Name),

I am writing as your constituent to ask that you put your political affiliation and/or aspirations aside for the first year of the new Biden/Harris administration to work for all the American people. We need to conquer the Covid 19 virus, put people back to work and support small businesses, and take back the lead in combatting climate change.  Please move quickly to put the President’s cabinet in place so that the work can be done. There will be plenty of time to disagree with policies after the above issues have been tackled.  Please recognize the importance of working together for the people, all the people.

You will be in my prayers during this difficult time.
Dominican Sisters of Peace

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