Winter’s Mystery

Blog by Associate Mary Ellen George, OPA

There’s something mystical and magical about watching snow fall.  I love the way the soft, gentle flakes descend onto the earth, offering a light, bright presence. Of course, I write this as I’m snuggled up warm inside, looking out the window in my makeshift office. The snowfall offers a moment for quiet reflection, for contemplating the mystery and beauty that winter offers, if we can stop to revel in it.  The snow also reminds me of a scripture quote from the Book of Daniel, “ice and snow bless the Lord.” (Daniel 3:70)

As snow blows hither and thither, is this a metaphor for our lives, of feeling scattered here and there?  Or, could it be that the snow holds meaning as it rests on sacred ground, reminding us to take time to rest and just to BE (more than doing), enjoying the still quiet beauty that unfolds within us and around us.

Winter is such a good time for being with “a few of my best friends”:  books and music.  It’s a time for letting words and lyrics inspire and engage me, for being touched in a deeper way—in a way that connects me to my center and to the Divine.  How do you connect with God?

God is in the mystery of winter’s metaphorical messages, as we walk icy paths or take delight in creating snow angels, leaving footprints of where we have journeyed. Are we able to see or feel God’s presence, God’s footprints in both the treacherous paths we cross and in the creative endeavors we enjoy?

God is in the musings and ponderings, where we search for life’s meaning and question life’s purpose, lifting our hearts and minds to understand where and how we are being called, at this time, in this moment.

God is in the suffering and the despair we see around us, inviting us to be ambassadors of peace and comfort to a hurting, broken world.  Sometimes we are the recipient of God’s care and love for us in a difficult time when someone aids us in our distress.

So, let us pray to see and feel God’s presence in the winters of our lives.  May we trust that the mysteries we encounter are moments that connect us to the Divine.  As the snow falls and it’s hard to see the path before us, let us step forward with faith that God will guide our steps and lead us to a place where God calls us to be our fullest self.

If you are searching for where God is calling you and feel God may be calling you to live as a religious sister, we invite you to contact us, and consider attending one of our upcoming discernment events.

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5 responses to “Winter’s Mystery

  1. Beautiful imagery, Mary Ellen, Let us pray for those that are experiencing the “mystery of Winter” may see/feels God’s presence through it all.

  2. Loved your meditation on the snow even though I am reading it on a day full of sunshine and melting. It is good to look for Gods presence in any season. Just “be” instead of being busy.

  3. Mary Ellen,
    The snow reminds me “to be still and know that I AM GOD.” I have time to reflect on the beauty of the universe. I have HOPE that Spring LIFE and Humanity will bloom brighter as we follow what God is doing NEW.

  4. Thank you Mary Ellen. I have felt God’s peace in each snowfall. A pure blanket on the earth, serving a purpose for the dormant trees and the smallest of creatures, burrowed beneath his care. Beautiful.

  5. Beautiful message Mary Ellen. Like you and probably so many others, music and books center me as well. Your wonderful metaphorical thinking challenges each of us to find reason to “be still in the moment” and know that in all things, through all seasons, though we cannot see God’s footprints, God is leading the way.

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