Going Green in Winter – Focus on Prayer and Meals

Prepared by the Eco-Justice Commitee


  1. In daily personal prayer spend contemplative time outdoors or looking out a window praying with and for the EARTH.
  2. Allow current issues, like climate change, mountaintop removal, Keystone XL Pipeline to be spur to prayer.
  3. When you are the leader of corporate prayer include EARTH in spoken intentions/petitions, or design a weekly prayer for EARTH needs.
  4. Choose a location and time of day that can accommodate you or your group and which has immediate access to the outdoors (weather permitting).
  5. If your gathering space is indoors, plan to include EARTH elements in the setting, especially, EARTH, Air, Fire and Water.
  6. In your ministry—within parish, school, family or volunteer activities raise up EARTH concerns when you are gathered for prayer.
  7. Placing intercessions among others concerning the EARTH during weekend Masses and also during PSR sessions.


  1. As you say grace before meals (and after) thank not only God but the EARTH and all who till and care for her for the food you have.
  2. Use a cloth napkin and remember why you do so. Be grateful for the trees saved by not using disposables.
  3. Choose locally-grown, in-season foods whenever possible—shopping at Farmers’ Markets or buying through a CSA or buying club.
  4. Cook at least one meal “from scratch” each week, taking the time to be creative, learn new recipes, expand your taste buds and support your health.
    • Try to eliminate processed foods
    • Use leftovers
    • Ask for locally produced food
  1. Don’t forget to use those items you canned in the fall
  2. If you eat meals prepared by others—whether a food-service, in-house cafeteria, or even a local restaurant (NOT fast food) ask kitchen staff/manager to utilize fresh, in-season fruits and vegetables whenever possible. Be sure to compliment them when they do—and eat heartily!
  3. Read labels—note country of origin, number of long-syllable chemical ingredients, whether it contains GMO ingredients (or proclaims that it doesn’t since the US doesn’t demand fair labeling), as well as looking for Organic items.
  4. Don’t buy products with excess packaging (e.g. wrapped “single-serving” items) or use single-use paper and plastic ware, etc. Avoid Styrofoam always.  If you must use disposables, take the time to locate recycled and compostable products—then do it!
  5. Never use hot, running water to defrost frozen foods. Plan ahead and place frozen items in the refrigerator overnight or use the microwave oven
  6. Rinse vegetables and fruits in a sink or a pan filled with water instead of under running water.

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4 responses to “Going Green in Winter – Focus on Prayer and Meals

  1. Appreciate your blog very much and will incorporate you suggestions into my meal plan and prayer.
    Thanks, Sr. Brigid

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