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I once saw the movie Secondhand Lions, from 2003; don’t know if any of you ever did. It is an intergenerational movie, pretty-male centered and parts of it are tough to watch, but the quote below is from it. A friend of mine posted it recently, and I gave it some reflection.

“Sometimes things that may or may not be true are the things that a (person) needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good, that honor and courage and virtue mean everything. That power and money, money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil; and I want you to remember this: that Love, true Love never dies. Doesn’t matter if any of this is true or not. You see, a person should believe in these things, because these are the things worth believing in.”

The old guys in the movie are trying to impart some wisdom to their new young ward, and they do it in some eccentric ways, but this quote seems to fit into all that we have going on today. The rise in violence, physical and emotional, against people who are not white or straight or male or Christian is growing more and deeper. So, I guess those perpetrating the violence do not believe that people are basically good but that maybe only some people are good and the rest, well they just get what they deserve.

Our country and our church have some heavy responsibilities these days and the citizens and members of each one look to leaders to give guidance and direction for the choices we make. We do not have to follow the direction we are given, but true believers want to do just that to stay in the good graces of the leaders. Some of us are beginning to question which leaders to follow, and everybody has his/her favorite and will defend them to the death (slight exaggeration, but only slight).

We may or may not have needed this year of pandemic or the protests over the shootings of so many people of color, but it is what has exposed some deep and bloody wounds in our “great America” that we have tried to butterfly stitch, cover with gauze or just ignore and hope they would heal on their own. That remedy does not seem to be working very well at all, so where do we turn?

Prayer, faith, prayer, faith, prayer! We can all say that we have been praying and keeping the faith and look where we are. I can say, keep praying and be faithful, persistent and trusting! Reflection will reveal where God has been working in spite of us. It is hard, and I am tired, but God never tires and will hold me when I need it.

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7 responses to “Pray Always

  1. Thank you Pat for your reflection as I found much truth in what you shared. I do know when we recognize the truth and affirm it we are freed. You are so right in saying we need to Pray, have faith and Trust in Jesus to show us the way and when to challenge our leaders as well. We all need courage to do this. Let us pray for this virtue.
    Blessings on sharing the truth,
    Sr. Brigid

  2. Thanks, Pat, for your reflection and for the reminder that God never tires and will hold each of us when we need it.

  3. “God never tires and will hold me when I need” this
    gives courage to persevere in prayers for justice.

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