Preaching for Holy Week

Preaching by Sr. Theresa Fox, OP

Jesus was an astute reader of human nature. He was able to analyze the strengths and weaknesses and motives of the people he met. His special disciples had been with him most days and nights for 3 years. He must have watched each of them carefully and been very aware of each of their strengths and weaknesses. This included Judas. In another place it was said that Judas was in charge of the money and would often use it for himself. I’m sure Jesus was aware of Judas’ desires.

We don’t know Judas’ motives. Why would he turn against the very person who had given him so much? At the same time it must have been a terrible feeling for Jesus to know what was Judas was up to. He had chosen Judas as one of his special disciples and here he was turning against Jesus.

There may have been a time when one of our friends turned against us. It may have been a betrayal of a special confidence we shared, or a turning away to become a special friend of someone else and rejected our friendship. Our reaction may have been to retaliate against that person, reject her from any friendship, maybe even to tell others of the meanness of that person or cross her off our list of friends. Somehow we wanted to get even.

That wasn’t Jesus’ way. Even knowing what Judas had planned, Jesus still treated him as one of his chosen disciples. He still loved him and desired good for him. That wasn’t an easy thing to do. How do we forgive another when that person has rejected us? Not easy! My guess it will take time after time of resolving to forgive for us to actually forgive that person.

As we enter into the most sacred days of the year, may we reflect deeply on the love Jesus had for Judas. Let us make one more attempt to do the same with the person who has turned against us.

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3 responses to “Preaching for Holy Week

  1. Thanks, Theresa. Lots to consider from this altered perspective. And a great time to be reflective….

  2. Theresa, you have given or maybe, for some, a reminder to deal with some difficult situations in our lives and aim for clearing away the path to God’s love for us and our love for our family or friends. I do believe, as you stated, that Jesus did not change his love for Judas…..Jesus loves Judas and all of us with deep love….I believe!! Thanks, Theresa!

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