Live Each Day with a Mindfulness of Peace

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“Peace be with you” is the greeting that the risen Christ used to reach out to his disciples after his resurrection and before sending them out to the world. This greeting is for each of us too, encouraging us to live each day with mindfulness of peace to be sent as peacemakers in the world.

Being mindful of peace helps us to recognize God’s gifts around us. Pause for a few minutes from what you are doing and look around. You will realize that you are so blessed with beautiful flowers, fresh scenery each day with new green buds/leaves, and the sound of bird song. Such moments provide inspiration and opportunities to refresh your soul and feel at peace, moving you to praise God wholeheartedly.

Our Congregation was founded at the beginning of Easter 2009.  Living into our name “Peace,” we strive to be messengers of the peace of the risen Christ in our time. We are sent with new enthusiasm to preach with a new fire, striving to live and work for peace in all facets of our lives. We are inspired by the scripture, “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news, who proclaim peace, who bring good tidings, who proclaim salvation, who say to Zion, “Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7. We often ask, how do we practice living peace each day?

We practice be-build-preach peace in various ways both as individuals and as a congregation. As an individual, I would like to offer you one of my daily practices of the mindfulness of peace:

  • When you wake up: Do not hurry to start your day. First, smile and look around your room. Lift your mind and heart to praise God for the new day. Then, sit up. Commit yourself to be peace: “I commit myself to be-build-preach peace today by… (state one action here that you want to commit.) I will be more attentive and keep myself open to opportunities for peace that come to me during the day.” After that, stand up. Pause for ten seconds to breathe in and out before you move. This practice of mindfulness will help you enter your new day joyfully and gently.
  • Throughout your day, pause for a minute or two to be aware of what is going on in nature or around you. Be aware of your feelings at that time. You can do this more than one time per day.
  • At the end of the day, before you go to bed, do a “Peace Examen” which can be added to your Ignatian daily Examen. For example,
    • What type of peace did I receive today? Then smile, and with a grateful heart, praise God for each peaceful moment you received.
    • How and to whom did I share God’s peace today?
    • What opportunity to bring or receive peace did I miss?
    • How did I communicate with others today?
    • Where and when did I encounter God today?

Being mindful of peace and practicing a daily peace examen helps us to be aware of God’s peace present in our life, to raise our own consciousness of, and to grow in being peace for peace mission. When practicing mindfulness, remember to practice smiling too. Smiling is often considered as an act of peace sharing, reducing tensions at works and in families and making others relaxed.

The Easter season is a good time to practice being mindful of peace. Let us live each day as messengers of Christ’s peace here on earth. If you feel called to be peace, build peace, and preach peace as a Dominican Sister, contact us to begin the conversation.

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3 responses to “Live Each Day with a Mindfulness of Peace

  1. Mai-dung, Thank you, Peace is our daily Mission and Ministry. I practice also what Pope Francis suggested daily “to wake up your face.” Yes, a smile will do just that.

  2. Thank you, Mai Dung, for these wonderful tips on how to be peaceful throughout our day.
    Blessings to you, Marilyn Pierson, OP

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