Prayers for Vocations

Last Sunday, April 25th, marked a special day of Prayer for Vocations.  During our prayer group for discerners that the Vocations team offers monthly, we contemplated peace with a guided meditation, and then we prayed for vocations.  Knowing that there is a power in communal prayer, we invite you to pray one of these prayers.

If you are a Sister, or Associate, or know someone who is discerning God’s call:

Loving God,
we pray for women and men who are discerning Your call for their life.
Open their hearts to hear your voice inviting them to be
preachers of the Gospel
following Jesus in the footsteps of St. Dominic.
Grant them generosity of spirit for selfless service
and enkindle within their hearts a desire to be your Peace in our world.
We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, our Risen Lord,
who lives and loves with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, forever and ever. Amen.

If you are discerning God’s call for your life:

(The original prayer card that our team crafted can be found here.)

Loving Creator,
Thank you for calling me to share in Jesus’ mission.
I am not sure which way of life You are calling us to,
and I humbly ask you to guide me along the way.
Help me remain open and patient in this process,
whether to live the single life, the married life, or as a religious sister, nun,
brother, monk or priest.

Compassionate Jesus,
You showed us what it means to lay down one’s life for others.
As I seek to deepen my relationship with you,
help me to bear witness to the Gospel,
to lead others to you,
to speak for a more just and peaceful world,
to give voice to the voiceless,
and to be there for those in need.

Holy Spirit,
Inspire me and guide me
that I may listen to the still small voice in my heart.
I ask for wisdom, understanding, and courage to follow God’s call.

You can find additional prayers for vocations here.

May God bless all of us as we stay aware of God’s presence in our life and discern God’s call day-by-day.

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