Going Green in Spring – Honoring Earth and Planning Activities

These tips have been provided by members of the Dominican Sisters of Peace Eco-Justice Committee.


  1. Plan to celebrate EARTH DAY (officially – April 22) BUT… every day is EARTH DAY so perhaps choose another day to your liking (find an Earth Day Prayer from the Eco-Justice Committee).
  2. Wear brown or green when celebrating EARTH.
  3. Participate in one of the EARTH DAY activities in your area—or organize one yourself.
  4. Become an EARTH advocate by encouraging others to honor, celebrate and care for EARTH.
  5. Journal some experiences you’ve had with God’s good EARTH.
  6. Try to spend some time outdoors on a regular basis to see and soak in the beauty of nature.
  7. Perhaps visit a garden to smell the flowers or admire the growing vegetables.
  8. Plan a regularly scheduled meeting for an outdoor venue on the grounds or at a nearby park and maybe bring a picnic lunch.



  1. Consider a flower or vegetable garden. Containers big or small with drainage holes are good for limited home areas. Window boxes good for herbs or flowers.
  2. Weeds:
    • Try to get weed roots; easiest to hand pull when ground is damp. Or use a long handle, flat screwdriver to dig them out.
    • Non-toxic weed killer – mix one ounce of white vinegar with one ounce of cheap gin and eight ounces of water, then pour or spray on the weeds.
    • Pouring boiling water on weeds amidst rocks and driveway works.
  3. Help organize ways to donate usable items to charities or for fund-raising for charities.
  4. Clean up:
    • Organize a neighborhood clean-up for trash.
    • Join or start an “Adopt-a-Highway” program.
    • Involve family, school groups, parish, work groups.
    • Adopt a stretch of brook or stream or roadway to keep litter-free. Check on a weekly basis.
  5. Forming or join an “Eco-Committee” in your area and work with others to share ideas, projects, and support.
  6. Get outside. Go for the walks, bike rides, or runs missed over winter.
  7. Take walks in the woods looking for wildflowers and bird nests. Take photos or sketch what you find.
  8. Clean out your birdbath—cleaning and filling with clean water on a regular basis.
  9. Fill and hang out a hummingbird feeder.

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