Seven Years to Sustainability – Examining the Program Goals, Number 1

Goal 1 – Response to the Cry of the Earth (greater use of clean renewable energy and reducing fossil fuels in order to achieve carbon neutrality, efforts to protect and promote biodiversity, guaranteeing access to clean water for all, etc.)

  •  Motherhouses, Congregational homes/buildings, and Associate homes –   Click here to calculate your community’s carbon footprint.  Meet with your community to find ways to work to reduce it.
  • Congregation and Associates divest of fossil fuel investments and invest in clean renewable energy.
  • Consider holding online conferences and meetings. The carbon footprint of an online conference is vastly smaller than its in-person counterpart but it is not zero.
  • Work to change our actions that contribute to biodiversity loss.  (e.g. habitat loss and fragmentation, unsustainable resource use, invasive species, pollution, and global climate change)
  • Become active advocates around issues of fossil fuels, renewable energy and biodiversity concerns.
  • Be mindful of personal water use: keep a jug of water in your refrigerator, save water that you run [eg. while waiting for it to warm up] in a bucket and water plants or use for something else later, install a low-flow faucet aerator which can cut water use in half, reduce shower time- aim for 5 minutes.

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