Seven Years to Sustainability – How You Can Get Involved

Have you been following our updates on the Sven years to Sustainability Drive? You can get involved too … here are two invitations from the Eco-Justice Committee:

  1. If you are interested in joining the Eco-Justice Committee, you are invited to contact Judy Hardy at
  2. Last Monday (May 3rd), some suggestions for addressing Goal 1: Response to the Cry of the Earth were listed. You are invited to share other suggestions for addressing this goal in the comment boxes below.


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2 responses to “Seven Years to Sustainability – How You Can Get Involved

  1. Never leave a room without turning out the lights. Return food scraps to good use by composting them yourself or contracting with Rubber City Reuse or other similar services. Contact me for info. 330-730-4748 or

  2. Now that we’re beginning to drive more it’s good to think about carpooling as a way to decrease our carbon footprints. Or using bikes and walking for short distances.

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