Peace and Justice Updates 5.11.2021

Roll Up Your Sleeves!
In a January interview with Italy’s TG5 news program, Pope Francis said, “I believe that morally everyone must take the (COVID-19) vaccine, It is the moral choice because it is about your life but also the lives of others.” The pontiff has also come out in favor of a waiver on intellectual property rights for coronavirus vaccines, which would make this important medicine available to more people around the world.
Just as our Sisters continue to wear masks and maintain social distancing to keep others safe, we are also receiving our vaccines as a way to protect ourselves and others. 

Say NO to the Death Penalty
There has not been a state execution since July, 2020, the longest stretch without a state execution in 40 years, but all that may change next week with the execution of Quintin Jones, scheduled in Texas on May 19, to be followed by Idaho’s first execution since 2012 scheduled for June 2.
Please sign these petitions to say NO to these Executions!

Quintin Jones

Gerald Pizzuto, Jr.

Non-violence and Ecology: A Webinar
The Vatican’s Laudato Si’ Action Platform envisions seven goals for seven sectors of the Catholic community over the next seven years. This is an exciting moment for the Church, an opportunity to move forward in creative and effective ways to achieve a more just world for all creation.

Nonviolence is key to a Laudato Si future is a one-hour webinar on Monday, May 17 (10 am Eastern/7 am Pacific). Marie Dennis (Pax Christi International senior adviser), Ken Butigan (DePaul University) and Sr. Sheila Kinsey, FCJM (Union of Superiors General/International Union of Superiors General) will discuss how Gospel nonviolence for a Laudato Si’ future might be concretely advanced.

French and Spanish translation provided.


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