Seven Years to Sustainability – How to Get Involved

Invitations from the Eco-Justice Committee:

If you are interested in joining the Eco-Justice Committee, you are invited to contact Judy Hardy at

Last Friday, June 4, we offered some suggestions for addressing Goal 3: Ecological Economics (sustainable production, Fair-trade, ethical consumption, ethical investments, divestment from fossil fuels and any economic activity harmful to the planet and the people, investment in renewable energy, etc.)

You are invited to share other suggestions for addressing this goal.

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2 responses to “Seven Years to Sustainability – How to Get Involved

  1. Before any steps are taken, we need to educate ourselves about the whole range of understandings that shed light on what we might want to promote, not relying on what ‘someone’ said. This is an important action if we want to be heard and understood. So this is what I would offer as a suggestion.
    Thank you for your work on this committee.

  2. You had good suggestions, Karen! We need to write, write, write to these companies and governments to demand change!

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