Laudato Si’ Action Platform: a 7-year global Catholic Addressing the Climate Crisis

Blog by Sr. Jane Belanger

Sr. Jane Belanger  of the Eco-Justice Committee looks at Goal 5 and provides some suggestions about how to address this goal

Goal 5: Ecological Education (re-think and re-design educational curricula and educational institution reform in the spirit of integral ecology to create ecological awareness and action, promoting the ecological vocation of young people, teachers and leaders of education, etc.)

Suggestions for addressing this goal:

While our specific educational institutions need to be accountable to this goal within their own academic settings, as a Congregation we have many opportunities to educate in non-academic settings.

Communications/Media:  In both our internal and external Congregational communications include and develop ongoing integral ecological education of Sisters and Associates as well as the general public.

  • Publish recommended media resources
  •  Sponsor and/or partner with local groups promoting ecological education and change
  •  Make ecological education part of the formation process of Sisters and Associates.

Our Ecology Centers:  Continue to foster and support the ecological programming and modeling efforts of our Eco-Centers/Farm. Through:

  • Support the hiring of qualified personnel and the means to promote their missions
  • Engage Centers in sharing their expertise especially with youth and young  people through mentoring, internships, and volunteer  opportunities
  • Continue to offer our Ecology Centers to support ecological education for local parishes, schools, 4-H, community centers, etc.

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