Peace and Justice Updates 6.30.2021

Act Now to save the  “For the People Act”
With more than 20 state laws already enacted this year making it harder to vote, it’s urgent that the Senate follows the House’s lead and passes the For the People Act (S.1) immediately. Inaction is not an option. Without the For the People Act, the future of our democracy itself is on the line.

If you haven’t done so already, please take a few minutes to sign NETWORK’s Sister Letter (see below) in support of the For the People Act. Catholic Sisters are powerful moral voices. As people of faith and as Sister who promote justice for all people, we must call on the Senate to Bypass the Filibuster and Pass S.1

Once you have done so, please share it with others in your congregation and encourage them to sign.

Click here to sign the letter.

Driving Clean will Help Save Earth
The transportation sector is the biggest source of global warming pollution in the United States. That means we’ve got to reduce pollution from cars and trucks to solve the climate crisis. Vehicle pollution also disproportionately affects low-income communities and people of color who are more likely to live near heavy transportation corridors. By cleaning up our vehicles now we can save lives, protect the health of the most vulnerable, and cut climate pollution.

Let’s get back on track to protect clean air in our communities and curb climate pollution. Tell the Biden administration that we need stronger safeguards that truly consider those in frontline communities. And that cleaning up our transportation system is critical for reaching both our domestic and international climate goals – there is no time to waste.

We need cleaner cars to ensure cleaner air and water, and a liveable future for our children and grandchildren. Each message from us can help strengthen the Biden administration’s resolve to support stronger state and federal clean car safeguards. Add your voice today!


The Interfaith Power & Light Film
Interfaith Power & Light will be sharing Other Side of the Hill, a hopeful, inspiring look at local leaders in rural America who are leading climate action in their communities.

This 30-minute film will be available for free online viewing July 10 – 25. Registration opens July 1.

You can watch the trailer and sign up to get a registration reminder here.

A screening kit from Interfaith Power and Light will be available on July 1.

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3 responses to “Peace and Justice Updates 6.30.2021

  1. When the individual states are willing to suppress the voting rights of their citizens, the federal government is morally bound to protect the constitution’s commitment to democracy by protecting those rights. Could not be clearer. I just signed the petition.

  2. HR 1 is unconstitutional on its face. The US Constitution clearly states that the individual States are in charge of the election process, not the Federal Government.

    1. I don’t believe the framers of the Constitution foresaw an occurrence where the states would deny or delay the vote to minority populations in order to advance a partisan agenda.

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